Tuesday, July 15, 2003


"Everybody's got one". You've heard this statement many times before. It's just as true for me, as it is for anyone.

My opinions are just that, opinions. Are they right? I doubt it. Will I change my mind about some of my opinions? Most assuredly, but this does not invalidate their existance, and the message or the meaning.

Why even put my opinions down for you all to read? I supose it fills a need for me to vent, or perhaps just to share my thoughts.

Am I open to hear your opinions about what I write? Absolutely! In fact, more often then not, I look forward to the opportunity to discover the thoughts and ideas of others.

What I dislike, is when others cannot reply with intelligent views. That's some of what I believe is wrong with many people these days. They're quick to criticize, but do so from an ignorant vantage point.

So please send me your comments about anything I write here, or even something new if you'd like. All I ask, is for it to be clear, concise, and well thought out.

Until next time,