Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Artwork by "Jaz Woodrow"

The jury has come back with their decision on the Casey Anthony trial. They found her guilty of lying to the authorities, but innocent of killing her own daughter.

I called this one after watching the closing arguments of both sides. Simply put, the state of Florida did not have a case that was prosecutable.

Anyone who watches CSI, and other police and investigation-type shows, knows the simple fact that if you don’t have enough evidence, the person walks. This is not a big shocking surprise.

A lot of mom’s out there are screaming injustice, and wanted Casey to fry for what she did to her little girl. Heck, who doesn’t want to see justice for the horrible death of a young girl? But you cannot kill a person for thinking that they killed someone. Your opinions do not matter. The facts of a case are what matters.

There are many people in jail right now who have been wrongly accused, and I believe several have even been put to death who were innocent of a crime.

What’s truly horrible in this case is the state jumped into this without having their act together.

Now I’m no lawyer, but if I were on the jury I would have come to the exact same verdict. The state simply did not prove a damn thing and tried to rely on emotions to win this case. How could they screw something as big as this up so badly?

Both the defense, and the state, relied on assumptions for their main arguments. The only difference is, that when you are prosecuting someone an assumption doesn’t cut it. When you’re defending them, an assumption could be raised as a possible alternative of what could have happened, which is the job of the defense.

Since the state had virtually no evidence their assumptions were because Casey was a liar, and in denial about her daughters disappearance and death, she was a murderer.

As defense lawyers tend to do in cases like this, her defense team brought in their own assumptions of a story that could have also been true. Heck, there were so many weird facts in this case that I could probably come up with a few more possibilities that sound reasonable.

That is why the state failed to present their case beyond all reasonable doubt. Their case was Swiss cheese full of reasonable doubt! Which is why they ultimately lost the day.

The blame is not on the jury, who did their job correctly. It was not on the defense, for doing their job correctly. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the prosecution and it’s inability to make their case.

The Anthony family is very dysfunctional. Apparently they are all a bunch of liars. Something strange happened surrounding the death of this little girl, and I’ll bet that eventually the truth will surface. I don’t think they’re capable of keeping their mouth shut.

It seems to me that Casey, and her parents, know exactly what happened. Unfortunately, the rest of us are going to have to wait until they slip up in the future.

Justice may not have been served this day in Florida, but I for one am glad that our justice system has functioned as it should.

If you’re the one on the stand facing a witch-hunt of charges against you, you’ll be thanking our justice system for having to actually prove you did something, rather then listening to a mob of screaming mothers with their pitch forks and torches yelling, “BURN!”