Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving - Not Just An American Holiday

It's a holiday tradition in the United States to give thanks on this day.

Although the origin of Thanksgiving is an American one, the statement is one that can, and should, be shared the world over.

American's do not own the act of giving thanks. It's meaning can transcend the boundaries of other countries and land on every shore.

I encourage all families to use Thanksgiving day as a time to bring one another together, and enjoy each others company while reflecting on what you are thankful for.

This year my thanks go out to the people of the world who are striving to make it a better place now, and for generations to come. Everyone from loving families who teach their children to love their neighbors and to do no harm, to the leaders of various countries that are truly trying to keep the peace, and find better solutions then killing and war.

My family is my rock, and my reason for living. They are what gets me up in the morning and keeps me going at work when I get tired.

This year there has been a ripple in my family, but nothing we cannot overcome. If it's true that something that doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, then my strength is growing daily as I continue to live my life.

Sometimes I wish that I could speak to the world and share with them the secret to love, honor, and the joy of life. Even though I struggle with the mystery of my own existence on a daily basis, I believe I am on the right path.

All around me there is hate, sadness, and negativity. I have plotted my course through those troubled waters and I am keeping my ship as steady and true as best I can.

If any of you are experiencing difficulty in your life, I encourage you to focus your site on your goal. The past has built your current foundation, but it does not control your future.

The shining light up ahead is where you want to end up. Keep that vision firmly planted in your mind, and let anything life tries to throw in your path just bounce off of you like waves against the hull of a ship. The waves might make your vessel rock and shutter, but as long as you hold the steering wheel firmly in your grasp, and follow the heading you have set for yourself, nothing can stop you in succeeding in life.

Some people speak of peace and freedom, then embrace hate for other people or even the narrow-minded dislike for an entire country. Can't you see that the two positions are in direct opposites from one another? You can't believe in peace and freedom then create some reality where you are still able to hate others in this world.

Sure there are misguided leaders who need to be dealt with, and there are people who have distorted views on how the world should be that can't be ignored. We should all have the freedom to live our own lives, as long as we do not impose our life choices on others. Once that begins, you suddenly cease to be about freedom, and begin the path to hypocrisy.

Thanksgiving can also be thought of as a sad time. A time when a people stepped forward to assist invaders to their land, only to have their land taken from them by those same invaders in the name of progress. Unfortunately this is a theme that has transpired all over the Earth, as our history shows that our civilizations grew from fighting, killing, and conquering one another. I'd like to think that the time has passed where this is an acceptable practice.

Some people can't seem to leave the past alone. They still believe that they can take anything they want, and kill innocent people as they carry out their evil plans. I truly think these people are misguided and lost. They are so wrapped up in trying to achieve power that they have lost the capacity to love, forgive, and accept people that are different.

This year I ask you all to join me, in whatever spiritual path you follow, to find it in your hearts to give thanks for all of the good in this world. We must all strive to become better people who are more about helping the people of this planet move forward in our evolutionary progress, then to destroy it and bring about its ruin.

Cook a turkey, ham, duck, or whatever you'd like, invite your friends and family over, and just enjoy each others company for the day. Give thanks for the family you have, and the people you love. Next, discuss the possibility of putting past aggressions behind you, and agree to make the next year about peace for the sake of all of those you love and care about. Hatred toward others only serves to tear down life, it will never serve to make it better.

Happy Thanksgiving, and may your future be filled with prosperity, kindness and love.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Know He Can Get The Job, But Can He Do The Job?

President elect, Barack Obama, is great at making speeches, and moving a crowd, but from now on it's not about catering to voters, it's all about being President of the United States of America.

In the interest of full disclosure, I voted for John McCain. My reasons for not voting for Barack Obama are the typical ones you have all heard, and apparently many of you ignored.

The number one reason I did not vote for him is that Barack Obama does not give me a warm fuzzy that he has the experience needed to be the president of our country.

Truthfully, I didn't like either candidate, which seems to be an ongoing pattern with me over the past few elections. Many candidates seem to be political business as usual, and I am rather tired of that mentality.

Barack Obama uses change as his main message, and perhaps he'll have something different to bring to the country.

The point is, he has won the election, and for the next four years, he is our elected leader.

Luckily, the president of our country is not the same as a dictator. He now must surround himself with an intelligent staff, and I believe he will realize that this is not a political contest anymore, but the stakes are much higher.

Obama has stepped up to the plate when the country is in sad shape. We have an ongoing terrorist threat to deal with, an economic crisis going on, and an energy crisis (or at least a potential one looming).

My philosophy is to give everyone a fair chance. Barack is now in the driver seat, and for all of us I hope he will make a great president. He has a great speaking ability, which will be a refreshing change, and I truly believe he has good intentions for the direction he wants to take our country.

Our job will now be to prevent him from turning this country into some socialist regime.

I have heard comments that he wants to modify the Constitution, but with any luck that will fail just like Bush's attempt to define marriage in the Constitution. That is a sacred document, and not to be changed flippantly at the whim of any one person.

The Constitution protects the people of this country, and the country itself. Anything that attempts to modify that thought process had better be doing the same and not taking away from that document.

Don't even get me started with government run health care, taxing the middle class and giving the money to the poor, or pulling our troops out of Iraq prematurely.

Like I said, I'll give him a chance to get into the office, listen to the security briefings, think long and hard about what his priorities should be, and then what direction he takes.

Now that he's got the job, can he do the job?