Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Musical Dreams

Listen to music without any speech
Just close your eyes and let your mind reach
Feel the tune through your ears and down to your bones
For the full effect you must use headphones

Immerse yourself in the low and the high
Go on a journey up through the sky
Keep your eyes closed as you travel along
Enjoy every note of this magical song

There’s no need for drugs, alcohol or other
This trip is courtesy of your sister or brother
Talented people, with musical genes
Turning us on to their wonderful scenes

Avoid the screaming and other harsh things
Embrace the soft, the wind and the strings
Your spirit will lift and your soul will sail strong
Like a ship on the ocean you’ll ride on the song

Turn not completely from the talent of voice
For there too is a time when it’s just the right choice
The power of words and the message they bring
Can make your heart open to join in and sing

My tale is all true with music the key
To unlock your dreams and set them all free
Large or small you can break the mystical seal
Good music and headphones will make them all real