Thursday, August 02, 2012

President For Dummies

Obamanomics - Really?

Some people wonder what is so bad about the folks currently running our country.

Let me give you my two cents on the subject.

This little game of creating a bill that only the House will pass, or only the Senate will pass, is childish.  Our government officials act like they are two years old most of the time.

I have said this before, and I'll say it again.  Create bills that are small and do not have a bunch of extra special interest crap in them.  One bill, one problem to solve.  Get things done and stop trying to make a political statement.

Obamacare is crap legislation, but it does have some good parts to it, and we all agree that things must be done to help improve our healthcare system.

Trash Obamacare, then work on improving the healthcare system a piece at a time, with individual legislation that is void of special interest crap.  (Do you see a pattern here?)

My next point.  Stop spending money!

We give billions of dollars to other countries constantly.  Stop it!

Tell these other free-loaders they're going to have to survive without our money until we get our own house back in order.  I suggest they do the same.

Then, only when we have got our act together, and have paid down our debt, and are moving things in the right direction, can other countries reapply to see if we can help them.

They had better have a great reason to ask though, because it's about time they started fending for themselves!

The current administrations plan is to tax the holy bat crap out of people, then give the money to other people.  This is a broken thought process.  As Mr. Spock would say, That's illogical.

For example I present to you the situation where unions demand higher wages and more freebies from a company for their members. They do this relentlessly and constantly.

Sure their members love all of the cool benefits and higher pay, until the whole thing comes crashing down because they have driven the company out of business.

Nice strategy.  It's like a parasite that eventually kills the host.

Employees need to have a more symbiotic relationship with their employers, not a parasitic one.

People need to except the fact that their employers NEED TO MAKE MONEY.  This is how our economy thrives, and how they actually got hired in the first place.

Those of you who are too stupid to understand this raise your hand and I'll get a little more detailed for you.

Then the same people complain that companies are moving out of the country, or stashing their funds in offshore accounts.

We have a shortage of companies growing and thriving in this country.  It's not because they are run by evil rich people you idiots.  These companies are run by business folks who become successful by...wait for it...making money!

If you tax the crap out of them, screw them to the wall for benefits and pay, then tax them again, why the hell should they be in business in the first place?

Have many American people (Yes I'm talking to those who support Obama) become so blind that they actually believe that the policy to spend more money then we have, then try to tax every last ounce of income from the people who have made this country great, is a winning policy?

Obama's administration has spent more money then they have taken in.  This does not mean that they need to take in more.  There is no more folks.  We're on the ropes!  The only answer is to stop spending money.

All of the people getting food stamps, free health care, free education, free government loans to research the mating habits of the South-American Swamp Rat, need to be cut off.

The way our country is designed there are those that have worked hard and have money to show for it, and those that are free-loaders and just whine because they are not getting even more free stuff from the government.

You are not entitled to have the government take care of everything for you.  Work hard, or live like someone who doesn't.

We should go to a flat-tax system where everyone pays a percentage of their income.  No loopholes, no sneaky back room deals to get out of it.  Everyone pays "their fair share".

All of the leeches will cry, but this is THE ONLY FAIR WAY TO TAX PEOPLE.  Poor folks will pay very little, and rich folks will pay in a ton of money.

People ask why I don't want another four years of Obama.  It's because his plan is to tax people more, then distribute the money to who he wants to help.  I have news for you, it's not the American people.

Is Mitt Romney any better?

Every four years it's a crap shoot.  When Barak Obama was elected I hoped he would do what he promised, and yet he let down the country.  Many people who were behind him, and helped him get elected, have realized what a mistake it was.

Someone should have given him a "President For Dummies" book.

I don't know if Mitt Romney will do what is needed to turn this country around, but he is a businessman, and understands finances and dealing with money issues much better then Barak Obama ever has.

If President Obama was hired to run a company, he would have been fired for how he has run this country.  I'm willing to let someone else give it a try.  I hope it can't be any worse.