Friday, January 16, 2004

Nice Manners

It’s a common practice for parenting to teach your children good manners. They should be polite, respect their elders, or people in positions of authority, be patriotic, and do not talk to, or about, people in a harmful manner.

I think most everyone would agree with these basics of a civilized society.

Everyone that is, but the Democratic presidential wannabe’s…

I can’t believe that these clowns are still getting any recognition as potential presidential hopefuls. They have done nothing to even slightly give me any reason to listen to them explain anything for more then a few minutes. The only thing that pours from their mouths is negative comments about our current president.

Most of these comments border on slander and treason, and if it isn’t, well at the very least it’s just bad form. Every time I here one of these whiney butts I want to jump through the radio, or television and slap them around. Certainly nobody is taking them seriously.

Now I would jump all over someone who made these types of comments without another word being muttered, so let’s now look at what these political weirdo’s have not discussed.

They say we should not have gone to war, yet at the time the decision was made to do so, they almost all were 100% behind the decision.

They say the economy is bad, yet we are in a continuous climb out of the recession, and it’s been credited to Bush’s tax cuts. There has been silence from their camp since the increased economy figures have come out.

They claim we’re going deeper into national debt, well duh! We’re at war you nimrods! These things cost money.

I find it funny how time and again the candidates can play on our sympathies with the drivel that we should not be at war, because our military is dying.

Got a news flash for you gents, freedom is not easy, and it’s not free. There is a price to be paid for that freedom, and it has been paid throughout our history. Chances are, it will continue to be paid throughout our future. It’s not an easy thing to wrap your mind around, but in the end, the answer is always the same.

We must defend our freedom if we are to remain free.

Here’s the type of candidate I would like to see run. I would like to see someone who backs the current president, but has a different, and perhaps better, idea for dealing with national problems. The huge trouble with finding such a person at the moment is I believe there is not a better solution, or an easier solution, to our current world situation. Neither do the wannabe’s, and that’s why they have to resort to name calling.

If you feel you must comment on this, don’t you dare start with the unsubstantiated whining that Bush attacked Iraq for oil. I also don’t want to hear about not finding any weapons of mass destruction. While we’ve raised that overused attack, let me give you my view on WMD comments.

Iraq was required by the United Nations to open their borders to U.N. inspection teams. Repeatedly, and over the course of many resolutions, demands, and years, they fought the inspection teams at every turn. In fact, Sadaam seemed to relish the idea that the world thought he had WMD’s and went to great lengths to inflate this world opinion instead of trying to cooperate and prove that he did not.

It reminds me of the classic bluff. The only trouble is, that this bluff caused an international incident, the loss of his country, and his family.

My children try to bluff my wife and I on occasion, but even they know what happens if they take their bluff too far. Essentially, Sadaam, and his country, have received one hell of a spanking!

Did Iraq have WMD’s? At this point it would appear they may not have made it that far in the development of them. They were, however, trying to make them, and acquire the needed components to achieve that goal.

Sadaam was doing such a good job convincing everyone that he did have something, but wasn’t going to show us, that he paid the ultimate price for his deception.

We did go into Iraq under the perception that they may have WMD’s, but the real and only reason we went in was the flat out refusal by Sadaam to cooperate with the United Nations, and not because we thought he had WMD’s. This lack of cooperation was the last straw in the eyes of the law-abiding countries of the world.

Notice How I said law-abiding? We now know why countries like France and Russia did not want us to go into Iraq. It would seem they were supplying weapons and other items that were banned by the U.N. and did not want to lose their market, or be discovered that they were playing both sides of the fence. Time to knock a few more credibility notches off of their score.

So here we have grown men running for the ultimate office of this country. Grown men, who do not support our current president, yet have no credible plan to do a better job. Not only do they not support him, but they constantly attempt to destroy his credibility and attack him at every turn.

If this is not the action of immature children I don’t know what is. Now that Al Gore is opening his trap once again, I’m having flashbacks of the election that he lost (yes he lost it you dimwits! Anyone still thinking Al Gore won that election needs to head over to the forums, place your comments there, and let me rock your world!)

Before you make comments about our president, the last election, or this country’s current situations, you better have some facts or don’t even begin.

I still believe someone is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Throwing out slurs about our president based on you thinking it’s probably true because it sounds like something you’d like to believe is not the basis for any type of intelligent discussion. It’s certainly not something you should be basing your vote on come November.

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