Thursday, January 06, 2005

Count With The Count

According to some Washington state voters we should just throw up our hands and declare Gregoire the winner because we don't want to be bothered to go through another election.

You know, I would be all up for the whole apathy thing if this election didn't smell so bad. It's silly that the Democrats were allowed to recount until they came out on top, then suddenly that was the error-free version they went with.

If you have three counts, and all three are different, it's time to try this thing again. I don't care if we have to recount 27 times. It either needs to be recounted until we consistently come up with the same numbers, or another election is in order.

When you're balancing your checkbook, and get three separate totals do you just stop on the third one and say that's the one you're going to use as your balance, or are you going to check it out one more time to make sure that last count was accurate?

If you can't produce at least two results the same, or really close like 49 votes different and 53 votes different then how in good conscience can you call it an honest recount?

Sure it'll be a little inconvenient, but we should not settle on election results because it will be inconvenient to do a recount.

Another thing I am wondering if it's accurate, is the claim by the Republicans that King county had 8500 more votes in the recount then they had registered voters on the books. What the hell is that all about? Am I the only one who is amazed with this number?

If this is true people should be going to jail! One of the things you should not be allowed to mess with in this country is voting. This should be as sacred as life itself.

The right to vote in this country is an important right. Perhaps one of the most important rights we have as United States citizens. If there are people in this country messing with the legitimate votes, then there should be some harsh penalties levied on these slime-balls.

Democrats wonder why nobody said anything from the Republican camp when they were winning. Well duh, why would you cut off your own legs? Of course, when you win an election, then win the first recount, and then suddenly you not only lose the second recount, but by a hugely different amount, wouldn't anyone be suspicious something else was mucking up the works?

I hate politics, it drives me crazy because it drags out the sleazy side of people. On the other hand, politicians are a necessary evil. Someone has to step up to the plate and put their neck, life, and reputation on the line for the betterment of all of us. When something like this election comes along though it latches onto a nerve and just tugs on it continuously.

I really feel the only way to make this election seem legitimate is to do it again. If Gregoire feels so strongly that she honestly won this election then she should have no problem with this, but if she knows she achieved her victory through dirty pool, then of course she will be against this.

From my limited understanding of the process different counties were using different rules on how to count and treat the ballots. This is not acceptable by any stretch of the imagination. In any game, and don't kid yourself life is a large game with several rulebooks, you must have a standard rule for something like an election. Otherwise let's just make up our own rules for each polling place. Whoever has the most money each district gets to decide what the rules will be for that year. How does that sound?

I'd really like to hear from others on this subject of whether or not we should have a another election in Washington state. What do you say? Do we “shut-up and color", or demand an honest election?

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