Monday, May 02, 2005

My Inner Blackberry

Another business trip, and another opportunity to use mobile technology.

The week before I left, my company swapped my cell phone for a Blackberry.

A Blackberry is a device that basically integrates a cell phone and a handheld organizer, such as a Palm device.

Because I can now work with my e-mail and surf the web with this Blackberry, I have elected to leave the laptop at home and try my hand at communicating using a "QWERTY" keyboard that was designed for little people.

I have become more aware of the layout of my websites as well, so I am working on making them more friendly to the little-screened citizens, of which I have become a member.

Although I have discovered that I can download a spell checker for the Blackberry, I have not done that yet so please bare with me if you run across any poor spelling.

Likewise, while on the road I am posting these articles to a few of my sites via e-mail, so I am not including links because I don't want to accidentally blow-out the formatting of the page. If there is something you find interesting you'll just have to head to your favorite search engine, such a Google or Dogpile, and perform a search for the term.

As funny as this next bit may sound, I have found a use for the Blackberry that they will probably never put in their advertising. With a Blackberry, you are never without reading material no matter what restroom you're in. Whether it's at a friends house, or a public toilet, your e-mail, the Internet, or even a game, is just a tiny key-click away!

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