Sunday, November 13, 2005

Boycott Christmas!

This year the United States has undergone a barrage of criticism for favoring the Christian religion over many others. In our schools there is the constant battle to place Intelligent Design into our science books. Some states were more successful at blocking this ignorant attempt then others.

The pledge is taking flack for the words “Under God”, and seems like this one will not go away until the highest court in the land makes a ruling.

Hang on now, because the monotheists are going after retailers next!

It seems a group called the, “Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights” has rallied the troops for a boycott against Wal-Mart because they feel that,

Wal-Mart discriminates in its treatment of Christmas

On their website Catholic League president Bill Donohue happily remarks that,

...I e-mailed Dan Fogleman, Senior Manager of Public Relations, letting him know the following: ‘Now that Wal-Mart is standing by its position, I hope you’re ready for our next move. Don’t forget, we have the next six weeks to pull out all the stops, and we will.’

It's nice to see that throughout the centuries the fanatical Catholics have not lost their touch. It's a nice “Holiday Season” message when the head of a group for “Religious and Civil Rights” threatens a store because they are not mentioning their religion more then other religions.

Like a Catholic criminal, Mr. Donohue makes his demands,

We want a) an apology for insulting Christians by effectively banning Christmas and b) a withdrawal of its insane statement regarding the origins of Christmas and c) a revision on its website.

In another article on their site entitled, “CHRISTMAS CENSORS ALREADY AT WORK”, Mr. Donohue takes issue with San Diego changing Christmas Programs to Winter Programs enable diverse communities to participate without feeling left out or marginalized

What's wrong with this approach? Wait a minute, it would mean that Christians are not dominating the “holiday season” in Sand Diego schools.

Call out the Knights of Columbus!

Hey I have an idea, why don't we just back up the historical clock and burn everyone who would dare call the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas the “Holiday Season”! After all, it worked in the past, it should work now. Kill everyone who is not Catholic.

The title of this organization is a scam. They are not for Religious and Civil Rights of anyone but themselves, they seem to be for Catholic rights above everyone else.

This attitude of attacking everyone, whether physically, financially or psychologically, who does not believe the way you do is exactly why Christians are losing their foothold with the younger people.

Maybe the Dictators of the world have it right and we should not educate our children because they will become smart and realize that fanatical religious zealots can no longer dictate how we live our lives. The harder they try, the farther away they are pushing their potential sheep.

I have nothing against Christians celebrating the “holiday season” any way they choose, except when they start threatening others with demands.

This attack on Wal-Mart might make Mr. Donohue feel all puffy, like his organization actually won something because Wal-Mart did not want to go into one of their busiest seasons fighting with religious organizations, but it simply makes his organization look truly sad.

The plain truth is that the entire society is not Christian, and should not have to be bullied by organizations like these into celebrating Christmas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with calling this time the “Holiday Season”. It leaves nobody out, and does not harm anyone for doing so.

We celebrate Christmas at my house, and I am not so insecure in my belief that I have to attack my Buddhist, Jewish, or Wiccan friends, because I am scared that they may some day take over the world.

With an organization claiming “Religious and Civil Rights” why don't you start practicing what you preach?

You should be demanding the term “Holiday Season” so that Christians can celebrate side-by-side with everyone else. Keep up your current course of action of trying to force your agenda on others and perhaps someday you may find that Catholic children might be pressured into pledging their allegiance to Odin.

Happy Holidays!

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