Monday, January 16, 2006

"Hey, look what you did to my pants!"

It would seem that when new things come along that people want, thieves just invent new ways of liberating them from the original owners. If you're paranoid about podjacking then you may want to be more discreet when listening, or now watching, you favorite media experience.

Enter PodLocker. This new device is designed to help you secure your new Christmas toy from others who would like to remove your listening pleasure and give it to the less fortunate. This new device is actually a sleek looking carrying case and security system all built into one.

The PodLocker can clamp to a table or desk with the provided clamping mechanism, or connect to just about anything else with its Master Lock carabineer style combination lock.

I can foresee this to become the accessory of choice on school backpacks.

One precaution though, once you attach something that thieves are hunting for to solid surfaces, these surfaces may become collateral damage. So if you're planning on dangling your status symbol from your britches, don't be too upset when someone comes along and rips your pants off in an attempt to make your pod part of their collection.

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