Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fair Game

I'm hearing a lot of talk and news coverage recently about how we should boycott the Olympic games, or boycott the opening ceremonies, or attack the torch runners.

Although many people do not agree with how China handles their affairs, the simple fact is that the Olympic games are an international gathering of atheletes regardless of the status between countries.

Even though they have in the past, the Olypmic games should not be used as a political tool. For some reason the term, “Is nothing sacred?” comes to mind right now.

China has poor people skills, especially when it comes to rights and freedoms. We all know this, and we get it. There is no need to use the Olympics to attempt to make your point just because they are being hosted in China this time around.

Go ahead and use the news coverage of the Olympics to bring to light the attrocities in China, but don't attempt to do physical, or political, things to prevent the games from occuring.

Atheletes from around the world have literally worked hard all of their lives to get to the Olympics, and who are you with your political agenda to try and prevent them from participating.

I get really annoyed with people who use other people and events to further their goals. If your cause is great then continue to educate people through whatever means necessary, such as the web, seminars, news reports and the like. Eventually, people will see your point of view and be pursuaded to help out.

If you have a cause that nobody is really interested in, guess what? Nobody is interested in it! This does not mean you can then burn down facilties, kill people, or highjack other events to try and bring attention to your cause. They have a word for these actions. Terrorism.

There is great passion in people for various causes, and that's a good thing. Without passionate people we would probably still have many horrible situations throughout this planet. All I am saying is, don't let your passion turn into a dangerous thing.

If you want to call for all of those to feel as you do to not watch the Olympics, then great. All of your supporters can happily do other things while the Olympics are on, and you can feel good about doing something in your own way to protest China hosting the games.

Once you start affecting peoples lives who do not follow your zeal for your cause, now you've crossed the line and are on the border of being out of control.

How do I deal with topics I want others to know I care about? Well, your reading this site aren't you?

It's not much, but it's my personal platform to rant about what annoys me. And right now it's you. Those of you who seek to savatage the Olympic games for your cause.

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