Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inspiration From Shrek

Friendships start by observing the outer shell. The friendship deepens as the layers of that shell are peeled back slowly.

With each new layer understanding and trust for one another is achieved. Eventually it is discovered what the shell truly protects...


  1. I agree completely with you on this blog. I also found your divorce blog very intriguing :)So, you say that we are also connected on Twitter...who are you? As you are not Mystic Knight there!

  2. On Twitter my screen name is simply "Mystic".

    I had not used Twitter in a while and started using it again recently and saw that you were added as a follower of my Twitter account, so I started following you.

    I don't think we actually know each other. Just figured that I had a stalker and got all excited that someone actually cared about what I do. LOL