Tuesday, October 05, 2010

State of the Union

The United States is a mess. Our economy is horked, and people are getting pretty pissed that the current regime is not doing anything about it but spending more money and wanting to increase the amount of money we give them.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this in a previous article, but I’m glad Barak Obama was elected.

Now before you go all nutty, hear me out.

If he was not elected, the government might have gone on about its business like it always does. Slowly messing up our laws, sucking money from the tax payers, and just generally being a horrible steward of this country.

In the past, a lot of folks really were not into politics. There was a group of folks that wanted to be politicians, and we let them fight it out and then go to Washington and try to make a difference.

Unfortunately, this nonchalant attitude of Americans toward our political system has created an atmosphere for the undesirables to weasel their way into the system and try to pervert it into something...well...unAmerican.

Enter Barak Obama.

Because Democrats have complete control of everything, President Obama seized the opportunity to get everything done they wanted to do to this country all at once, before anyone could stop them. Although this was a great idea, it actually backfired badly.

Politicians used to be able to infest our system slowly so that the uncaring American people would not notice.

Remember the experiment where you place a frog in some water, then heat the water slowly to eventually cook the unsuspecting frog? On the other hand, if you try to toss a frog into a boiling pot, it would just leap out. This is the way I see what is happening to our country.

Instead of the typical slow heat that our politicians and special interest groups do to our country, they cranked up the heat and started the water boiling and now they are trying to throw us all into it.

The result is that the American zombies have woke from the dead, and suddenly smell brains. No longer are they just wandering around doing their own thing, but many have turned their eye to Washington DC, because they don’t like what they see happening.

The change the President brought to this country was not only bad, but too much too quickly. The resulting catastrophe attracted the attention of the normally docile American people.

Now that the spotlight has been brought to the government, and the mid-term elections are coming up, the Democrats and the President are backstroking so quickly that they look like they are being chased by a ferocious feeding frenzy of sharks!

It’s amusing how they are not rejoicing to the people about their new health care plan and all of their bailouts and spending. If these were all fantastic ideas why not shout it to the roof tops on all the good you have done for this country? Because what they have done is horrible and they know it.

Then why do they continue to do things like this?

Because it’s the special interest groups, unions, etc... who are trying to run this country, and not the American people.

I’m glad Barak Obama won the election, because it has shown this country what a real disaster these people will cause if left to their own methods. It has given us an accelerated view of what they were trying to do to us slowly in the past. Finally, it has had the positive affect of waking up a lot of American people, who typically do not even acknowledge politics, and they are now reading about our country's history, and watching the clowns in government (state or federal) a lot more closely.

The state of the union is currently gloomy, but I see some clear skies on the horizon.

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