Monday, May 02, 2011

...And THAT is Why You Failed!

If you’re a dedicated follower of this blog (Awe come on, there has to be someone out there...), then you know I lean toward the conservative side. I make this comment because of what I must now do.

Congratulations to our President, Barak Obama, for making the decision on launching the Navy Seal Team that took out Osama Bin Laden. This had to have been a scary moment for any President facing a situation like this, and thank goodness he not only made the right decision (which is easy to say after the fact), but he let the military do what they do best.

As some former presidents can tell you, trying to micromanage the military typically ends badly.

There are those who would chastise me for giving President Obama a virtual high-five, because there are some conservative types who will go after the negative in anything the President does just because he’s who he is. I am not like that.

I give credit where credit is do.

It doesn’t matter that I disapprove of about 99% of what this administration has done to this country, the fact is that in this situation, they were spot on!

I’m still unsure how I feel about cheering the death of another person.

There is no doubt that this man was evil, and needed to pay for what he represents, and what he has done. I am actually glad that it ended this way rather then bringing him in and going through some long drawn-out court nightmare that would obviously end with the same results.

Guilty until proven innocent. Hmmm... I'd like to hear from those of you who doubt his guilt. Not really. This man was guilty on so many levels there is a special place in the underworld for him, and I’ll bet there are no virgins waiting for him to arrive.

This is the same feeling I have when some scumbag commits suicide after killing a bunch of people. Just glad that they took themselves out of the gene-pool rather then costing us a ton of money to care for them and keep them on ice for years.

I say, good riddance!

For most crimes I fully support our legal system. Everyone deserves their day in court. If you’re some mass-murdering lunatic, and there is zero doubt of your guilt, then I say let’s invoke the “right to a speedy trial” portion of the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Back to the news at hand.

Osama Bin Laden, like many before him, made a huge mistake. Don’t piss off the United States of America.

When will these evil-doers learn? They get into some position of power, whether militarily, religiously, or whatever, then get all high and mighty and decide that they want to declare war on the United States.

The problem with you insane leader types is that you won’t just settle for smacking your own people around. You get all these delusions of grandeur and let your position of power go to your head. The next thing you know your declaring war and working your followers into a tizzy.

Shut the heck up, stay in your own country, and leave us alone! We promise to do the same. As long as we can keep our President from also doing stupid things like going into Libya. I don’t know what he was thinking on that one.

Osam Bin Laden, wherever you are these days listen up. You messed with the wrong country, and THAT is why you failed!

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