Monday, October 17, 2011

Upgrade Your Life Filter

The events we experience throughout our lives create the programming we engage when we need to react to different situations.

People try to make laws to guide us, and the medical profession has done a fantastic job trying to discover what makes us tick, but there is no user's manual for how to operate a human being.

We go through life trying to answer simple and complex questions about what a human being is, how we should interact with others, and why we even exist in the first place.

If you look at many of my articles within this blog, you'll discover that I'm at just as much of a loss as you.

Oh I try to sound enlightened, and make an attempt to understand a lot of things, but when it comes right down to it, I'm just as lost as you are.

Those who claim to have all of the answers should be listened to with caution. I have answers, but they are my answers, not yours.

Individually we all must take our life experiences and run them through our filter. This means that you should never take what someone tells you as the only truth there is. Listen to their point of view, compare it with your own thoughts, research and belief on the topic, then come up with your own opinion on the matter.

That is worth repeating... Come up with YOUR OWN OPINION on the matter.

As you go through this process, don't let your filter become clogged with a bunch of crap that prevents proper filtration. You must clean it out occasionally.

Run everything through your own filter. Just make sure every once in a while you inspect that filter for defects.

Always be aware that your filter could be faulty. After all, it has been in use a long while, and there could be sediment built up around the edges that might restrict the proper flow.

Another term for this is to keep an open mind, and be open to change. Someone just might have a better mousetrap, but if your filter is too clogged, you might dismiss it because your focus is too narrow.

Keep expanding your knowledge so that you can improve the efficiency of your filter.

Sticking to one viewpoint, then shutting down your filtration system so that other information can't come through to change your mind may make you feel comfortable with your position, but you're at risk of continuing through life with stagnant conclusions.

I have experienced many people like this, and I'll admit that I'm certain I have fallen victim to this as well.

It doesn't matter if it's politics, religion, relationships, or work, we all have filtered information about each subject. Make your decisions based on your own filter. Provide careful and regular maintenance of your filter so that contamination has a more difficult time getting through.

My filtered information is different then your filtered information.

When it comes to filtered information, I showed you mine, now you show me yours.

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