Monday, October 20, 2003

I'm An Addict

Hello, my name is Rick, and I’m an addict.

I know I am an addict because I have all of the symptoms. Once I began I couldn’t get enough. My mind dwells on when I can get my next fix. Sometimes I am up all night doing it, and suffer for the addictive behavior it has caused. Now, I am hoping to get better by sharing my addiction with you all.

What am I addicted to you may wonder? As a side note, I believe that this will be a highly read article. Oh, don’t stop reading now just because you’ve been caught wanting to see what terrible problem I am hiding. Read on and perhaps you might just join in on my addiction…

Running this web site might be one of your first guesses. While it’s true I have recently put a lot of time into this site, my writings tend to come to me fairly quick and I knock out an article in just a few minutes. You may have guessed that already based on the unrefined prose that I bring to you all on a frequent basis.

Can you tell I like to write? I think I have found a pretty good outlet for my writing in this web site, and it’s a much quicker medium then trying to write a novel. Now all I need is people who would want to read my strange outlook on life.

Yes, the web site is sometimes time consuming, but it doesn’t hold a candle to my real addiction.

Recently I have started watching “Alias” starring Jennifer Garner. I began my addiction toward the end of last season. The show grabbed my interest right away, and when I saw season one come out on DVD I knew I had to check out how this show began. That’s when it all started.

Up to this point I was forced to wait each week to see what was going to happen next, but now I had an entire season in my hands. My life would undergo a change. It really started that first night the family went to bed and I popped it in the player.

I started watching the first disc and remained glued to the television until the pilot, and the following two other episodes were over. When the DVD ended, and I would have had to change discs to continue, I was able to break the spell it held over me.

The makers of “Alias” sure knew what they were doing with this series. Not only do you get into the life of Jennifer’s character, “Sydney Bristow”, but you get wrapped up in everything that is going on around her as well. The absolute worse thing about this addiction is the end of each episode which leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat with the proverbial cliff-hanger.

Every single episode ends with something major either happening, or about to happen. The show grabs you by the shirt and dares you to turn off the DVD player! I have only watched the first three discs, but I can tell you that for each disc I had to watch the entire thing. All four hours per disc. The last disc I was smart enough to watch on a Sunday so I knew I would have time to get through it all without jeopardizing much needed sleep.

This addiction is complete. I know I can’t shake it, and I also know that if I place a disc into the player that I am there for the entire thing. No more late nights watching “Alias” are planned unless it’s on a weekend. I can’t handle it. I’m getting too old, and definitely need my beauty rest.

Nothing would please me more then to blurt out everything that is going on in the show, both current and in season one. I hesitate to do so because if you have not seen this show, I don’t want to spoil a thing for you. A simple explanation of the show would be that Sydney works for the CIA, and in the process of doing her job she gets firmly wedged between a rock and a hard place.

The show is basically about the CIA doing mission after mission foiling the bad guy’s plans weekly, but this doesn’t scratch the surface of what is really going on. The missions are almost just a backdrop for the intrigue and twisting plots that seem to undulate throughout the entire season.

Just when you think you have it all figured out you have a reality check and your mind is tossed back into the “what the heck?” mode. I don’t know how long the writers can keep things rocking and rolling, but they are well into the third season and there are no signs of things slowing down.

If you’re looking for something to grab you and slap you around a bit, may I recommend anything but “Alias”. Once you start watching, you won’t want to stop. The makers of “Alias” were smart in releasing the show so quickly to the DVD format. I was enjoying the show before, but now I’m downright addicted to it.

Damn you ABC for bringing out the television equivalent of an addicting drug. If anyone else out there shares in my addiction I’d love to hear from you. You can talk freely here, and maybe we can begin our own support group.

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