Thursday, October 02, 2003

Wild Sexual Experiments

Are we alone in the universe?

Many very smart people say that there is no way that life here on Earth was a one time fluke that only occurred on this planet. Even the most conservative scientists concede that there is a very high probability that there is life elsewhere in the universe.

I suppose the real question is how far along the evolutionary path are they when compared to us? In the life-line of the universe, mankind’s mark on the cosmos is almost insignificant. If you think about it, it took us billions of years to evolve enough to even be contemplating these things.

What does this mean for life elsewhere in space? I think it shows that it had to have taken life on other planets at least as long as it took us. Following this train of thought, the universe could be filled with a bunch of societies that are just now in their infancy of exploring their neighboring stars.

Perhaps one day we’ll encounter another race that is also just learning to get around in the vastness of the universe, or maybe just start talking back and forth with some sort of cosmic ham radio.

Many people believe that we have already been visited by entities from other planets. I’m not so sure about this theory, but I do think there is something behind all of the UFO sightings. It’s probably our own government that has some sort of magnetic drive ship that is capable of silent flight, high speeds, and 90 degree turn ability. When taking the properties of magnetism into account, and the descriptions of these UFO’s, it makes perfect sense.

Think about it. These ships have been reported to be rotating (creating a magnetic field?). They can obtain high speeds (adjusting the magnetic poles?). They are silent (no outward thrust would be required). They can perform seemingly impossible maneuvers (by adjusting the poles, normal aerodynamics are not required). The government has worked extremely hard to keep the encounters classified, and denying anything of their existence, yet almost everyone believes that SOMETHING is going on.

Little green men from outer space? Highly unlikely. More like top secret projects that are so far ahead of their time that it will take many years to come before the technology is revealed to the common folk. Maybe one day it will be necessary to tip our hand and show the world our capabilities, but not today. Right now it serves the government well to have people droning on and on about being abducted by aliens, seeing flying saucers, and believing that Roswell New Mexico was the place a UFO crashed many years ago.

So rest easy tonight knowing that space aliens do not yet walk among us. They are not flying over our heads waiting to beam us up. And no, you won’t have wild sexual experiments performed on you during a strange lapse in time. Okay, if you hang out in nightclubs that last part may still happen…

Live long, and prosper,

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