Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Flu Shot Induced Alzheimer’s?

It’s the end of the world, as we know it. Or at least it seems that way if you listen to all of the hype recently about the shortages of flu shots. Thank goodness they have bought more! So what if it isn’t the correct one to fight the current flu strain that is making everyone feel like crap. It’s still a flu shot dang it!

What about these rumors going around that the flu shot is actually bad for you? It’s slowly poisoning our brains and could even cause Alzheimer’s. Let’s dig a little deeper into these mysteries of the flu shot and see if we can’t find some answers…

Now before I get to involved, you need to understand that I am not a medical person. My medical background stops at basic first aid with a little CPR thrown in for good measure. The information found here is by doing a little research, and trying to put together some spread out pieces of a puzzle. As with all my articles, the information found within them are my opinion, and nothing more scientific then that.

So read on with the knowledge that the person serving you this dish is not the cook, but merely the waiter.

I’ll spare you the details of just what exactly influenza is. It should be sufficient to mention that it’s a virus that changes each year so that it’s never really the same year after year. In fact, since it takes about two years to ramp up the flu shots, the companies that provide them are taking a shot in the dark (pun intended) on whether or not the ingredients in this years flu shot will be the right mixture.

Speaking of ingredients, do you realize what they are injecting you with? Let’s take a look at this modern day witches brew and see if it gives you the willies just as it did me.

Thimerosal (Mercury disinfectant/preservative)
Aluminum (additive to promote antibody response) (implicated as a contributor to Alzheimer's, seizures, fatigue, mental problems)
Formaldehyde (disinfectant) (incidentally, it's what aspartame converts to at a mere 86 degrees F)
Ethylene Glycol (anti-freeze)
Phenol (disinfectant)
Benzethonium Chloride (antiseptic)
Methylparaben (anti fungal, preservative)

The vaccine is prepared with chicken embryo fluid, inoculated with the living flu strains, then treated with formaldehyde to inactivate the virus. The other chemicals are used to preserve and disinfect the fluid. Since animal cells are used for this process, animal viruses are sometimes introduced into the vaccine, undetected. This has happened as recently as 1995.

Personally, I’ll take my chances on getting the flu! If Dr. McCoy were alive today he would be aghast at what we are injecting into our bodies to avoid the sniffles.

I realize that many people die each year from influenza, and we shouldn’t make light of this fact, but does injecting ourselves with these potions really help?

Not according to Dr. Monte Kline, PhD. of the Pacific Health Center. He says that,

“Many studies cast considerable doubt on the efficacy of flu shots. For example, a Dutch article about a home for the elderly noted that in spite of 2/3 of the residents getting flu shots, 49% developed severe flu and 10% of them died. Among those who were vaccinated 50% got the flu, versus 48% on the non-vaccinated. There was essentially no difference in flu incidence in the vaccinated or unvaccinated population!

"At a similar situation for the elderly a significantly lower rate of morbidity (37%) and death (3%) was noted. The only difference was that these people did not receive flu shots! A French study of people age 60-69 found 14% of those vaccinated got flu versus 13% who did not get vaccinated.”

Did you read that last paragraph correctly? Less people got the flu and died then those that were vaccinated against it!

Dr. Kline also brought up a good point when he said that claims of getting a flu shot would lesson the flu symptoms cannot be proven. How would anyone know, much less be able to scientifically prove, a statement like this?

Now I don’t want to scare you completely, especially if you already received your flu shot this year, but there is a long list of potential problems with getting a flu shot. Things like Alzheimer's, Respiratory Infections, Leukemia, Allergic Reactions, etc… Things you might expect from injecting toxins into your body.

I’ve been reading several experts that have said that the best way to avoid the flu is to do the things you already know to keep yourself healthy. Eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest, and take some vitamins.

If we stay healthy our bodies are designed by nature to fight off viruses. Instead of eating fast food daily, becoming a sofa spud, and getting 2 hours of sleep a night, take care of yourself better, and your body will take care of you.

Will you ever get the flu if you do these things? Certainly, the point is that you should be less likely to get the flu, and more likely to fight the virus quicker with a healthy body. Not-to-mention, a healthy body will help you recover easier from just about anything medically from broken bones to surgeries.

Certainly there are groups that a flu shot might benefit, such as both ends of the age spectrum. Those of us in the middle should be fine. I’m not saying never get a flu shot, nor am I saying that what I have uncovered here is 100% accurate. Only you can decide for sure what is best for you and your family.

Personally, I find no reason to inject more garbage into my body then absolutely necessary. Now if I can just stay away from fast food and the couch!

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