Monday, December 15, 2003

Merry Christmas Mr. President

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, good news arrived from the desert. It wasn’t the star showing the way to Bethlehem, but it was triumphant news.

Saddam Hussein has been captured!

Although this is great news for President Bush, it is even greater news for the entire free world. Being able to go to sleep knowing that one more evildoer is now off the streets. Just the fact that Saddam was at large was enough to make people wonder what he was going to orchestrate next? Those fears have been lessened now.

In the history of this country the United States has had its ups and downs. The mother of all ups was when we gave the King of England the finger and basically said we’re not taking your crap any more. We were tired of being an oppressed people. Since that time we have boldly stood against all manner of nasty that has tried to tread on us, or other freedom loving people in the world.

Presidents of this country have directly contributed to the roller coaster that is our history. Many have sat on their laurels, waffling around trying to make everybody happy and like them. These were politicians first, and presidents second. They are the presidents who we don’t really remember, or who were so insignificant in our history that they don’t get many monuments, or space within our schoolbooks.

Then there is the group of presidents who made a lot of noise, but never really followed through. They did some saber rattling, posturing, and fluffing of their tail feathers, but in the end, they did more harm then good. It has the same effect of telling your child they will be grounded if they do something, and then you don’t ground them when they misbehave. It tells the other countries of this planet that the U.S. is all bark and no bite. That we have somehow become so mired in our own political battles that we couldn’t afford to look bad doing something in the world theatre.

Finally there are those presidents who make us proud to be Americans! This is the category that our current President Bush falls into.

9-1-1 could have been handled multiple ways, depending on the type of president that was in power at the time it occurred. Luckily, it was the type that was not going to stand by while the rest of the world watched us get bitch-slapped by a bunch of thugs.

We had reached a turning point on the world playground, and all the rest of the kids were watching to see if we would cower before a schoolyard bully. As much as we hate war, it is necessary at times. The actions in Afghanistan and Iraq were not only needed, but also required for us to remain who we are as a nation, and as a united people. It was a message that needed to be sent out across the planet that the United States is still on the playing field, and we remain strong, and willing to defend our beliefs with our blood.

America is the shining example of a free country, and we believe in that freedom so strongly that we are not afraid to face great opposition. Not just in the form of one country, but even when other powerful countries try to defend the evil ones. Our president had the strength to stand before his country, and the world, and lead us into the battle we so desperately needed to wage.

Sure we were worried, but most of this country knew it had to be done. And thank goodness we had a strong leader to be there for us all. President Bush continues to take abuse daily by people who would like to see him fail. Other countries, and sadly, people in our own country who would like to see America come out of this beaten and scared. These are the true politicians.

Politicians who would rather put their own needs in front of those of the country. Politicians who have spent all of their time trying to undermine our president. Politicians during times when strength in unity would be a better goal, try any way they can to attack the president and destroy his every decision. These are the same politicians who are an embarrassment to our country in the eyes of the world. And these are the politicians who are climbing all over one another trying to get your vote.

Mr. President, congratulations on the capture of Saddam Hussein. Thank you for your strength, courage, and conviction on our behalf. Thank you for being the punching bag of the world, and of the lesser Americans in our own country. Thank you for taking the time to fly over and bolster the troops moral on Thanksgiving, thank you for landing on the aircraft carrier to show your support for our military.

We still have a long road to haul for Peace on Earth, but thanks to you President Bush, we are one step closer.

Merry Christmas Mr. President, and a Happy New Year!

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