Friday, July 09, 2004

A False War?

I have yet to finish moving all of my articles over to the new website, but the news today has prompted me to write an article before the grand reopening of the website.

It amuses me that the big direction of the news today seems to be that the United States went to war under false pretenses.

Their point is that our intelligence was flawed, and if we knew then what we know now, we would not have gone to war. Would we really, or is this just a bunch of political crap spewing forth just before our election?

Let’s skip over the fact that we should have done many things in history different if we knew then what we know now. How many football games have you watched and quarterbacked from home while yelling at the coach and the television? It’s easy when you’re not in the moment making the decisions for yourself isn’t it?

Same thing applies here. With the information that was available at the moment in time that Congress voted to take action against Iraq, it was the best course of action we could have taken. Perhaps we should have analyzed the information we were being fed a little more closely, but we didn’t. It’s time to move forward, not waffle in the past.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the factors that moved us to attack Iraq.

1. So Damn Insane built up the fourth largest army in the world then invaded Kuwait. In a reaction to this the world unceremoniously kicked his butt back into his own country. He was then told to surrender and was given the conditions for that surrender. One such condition was to declare all of his weapons of mass destruction and to allow inspectors to enter the country unchallenged to verify that no such weapons existed.

2. For years Sadaam refused to work with the United Nations, or tried to stifle any effort to properly inspect his country. He was given years of chances to cooperate and failed to do so at every turn.

3. Iraq has routinely supported terrorists, and funded terrorist activities against the United States.

4. When confronted with the United States hitting the end of their patience with Iraq not cooperating with the United Nations, Sadaam still refused to fully work with the U.N. inspectors and basically continued business as usual.

Although the Weapons of Mass Destruction angle was the most publicized reason for going into Iraq, we went into Iraq because Sadaam refused to cooperate with the United Nations.

To second guess our reasons for going to war with Iraq and cleaning out a festering regime is ridiculous.

Perhaps the intelligence that was gathered was not perfect, but it was not the only reason we went into Iraq. To blow this report out of proportion to try and make it look like it was some huge mistake is wrong.

They talk of “connecting the dots” for going to war, and that, “the dots never existed.”

Based on what I have laid out above I say the dots did exist. Having the additional dots of finding WMD’s would have been nice, but not the sole reason for the war.

The information all of the news stations seem to be wanting us to believe, is that the existence of WMD’s was the only reason we went to war. It was the narrow-minded, central focus for going into Iraq with guns a blazing like the cowboys that we are.

We can research why we did things in the past. We can discuss how we may have done things different, or that if we had, speculate on what the outcome may have been. We can do all of this, and we should, so that we can learn from our mistakes.

What we should not do is to study the past, and then try and twist the thinking of the people of this country into a line of thinking to derail a president and his administration. This is what is happening right now. This is not news to learn from our past. It’s news with one purpose in mind. To convince the American people that the war in Iraq was wrong and unjust. That is a load of 100% crap.

They say that television is an idiot box, it rots the mind and is a vehicle of Satan. In this case they may be closer to the truth then they thought. I am planning on addressing television and its contribution to this society in a future article.

Think for yourself people. Were WMD’s the ONLY reason we removed Sadaam from power and liberated his country?

I’d love to hear some feedback from you all on this latest development. Surely someone has a different opinion, or the news would not be so proud of the finding.

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