Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Now You See Him

John Kerry’s boat buddies seem to be rallying against him. Apparently his Viet Nam stories are full of more holes then his plans for, well, just about anything else.

It turns out that the decorations he received during Viet Nam, that he is so proud and ready to throw in anybody’s face who isn’t tired of the mantra yet, were awarded under questionable circumstances. I won’t go into the details here, but it’s pretty much all over the talk shows and in the new book that is out called, “Unfit For Command”.

The Editorial Review in says, “The charges leveled against Kerry in this book are severe and include filing false operating reports; lobbying for and receiving three Purple Hearts for minor wounds, two of which were self-inflicted; receiving a Silver Star under false pretenses; offering false confessions of bogus war crimes in both print and testimony; and recklessness in the field, including the burning of a village without cause or direct order. The book also claims that Kerry left Vietnam after serving just four months instead of the usual one year tour and that he returned home and accused his fellow soldiers of atrocities without offering any evidence, endangering POWs in the process.”

John Kerry and the Democratic Party have tried everything possible to attack our current president. Most of these attacks seem childish and not worthy of a grade school playground, much less a presidential candidate. One such attack was to make fun of George W. Bush for joining the National Guard instead of going to Viet Nam.

It was a time when the draft was in effect. At a time when many men ran away to places like Canada to avoid their duty, George W. Bush and John Kerry both joined a separate arm of our defense forces. Kerry joined the Navy, went to Viet Nam and weaseled his way out early, this does not make him some big hero and George Bush not. At least Bush did not create bogus injuries to shirk his duty to his country.

It’s hilarious watching events heading toward this election unfold. Now John Kerry is agreeing with President Bush that knowing what he knows now he still supports President Bush’s actions concerning Iraq. So just what the heck does Kerry bring to the table in an offering to elect him? So far, I see nothing.

The funniest thing is listening to Liberals trying to defend John Kerry, or to try and make up some strange reason to hate George Bush. This comes out in shows like, “McEnroe”, which I’m embarrassed to admit that I watched tonight. It came on after "Dennis Miller", and I knew it was going to be Liberally-biased so I thought I’d see what the left side of the country was saying.

I can report that George Bush is probably a shoe-in for the upcoming election if this is all they have to go on. John McEnroe showed three pictures of President Bush, one in what appeared to be an Asian shirt, one as a cheerleader for Yale with the comment that he played for the team as a cheerleader, and finally a picture of the President picking his nose at a sports event.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I had a camera on me 24/7 there would be times when I was possibly scratching, picking, or rubbing things that I would have been trying to do discreetly. Would this make him a bad president, or a human being?

Then McEnroe, the pillar of the tennis world by-the-way, shows a part of Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Convention and declares, “Great speech by Bill Clinton last night don’t we agree?” The audience sort of clapped a little seemingly to humor McEnroe, but you could tell it was not a big agreement. John tries to cover by saying, “A lot of Republicans in the audience tonight”.

No John, Bill Clinton was a disgrace to the position of President and many people do not consider him a leader in any stretch of the imagination. He reminds me of a used car salesman, and I get pissed off knowing all the crap he pulled while in the office of President and he still remains in the public eye like he did nothing wrong.

It worries me that John Kerry not only has the same used car salesman act, but he performs it worse then Clinton did.

I’m not necessarily a Republican, Democrat, or any particular party affiliation. Heck, if the Democrats came up with a candidate that had great ideas and made sense I would consider them, but John Kerry is not that man. He is certainly not man enough to fill our current president’s shoes and take over the leadership role of this country at this time.

Is President Bush perfect? No. Are any of us? No.

When I see John Kerry I think of the Walt Disney movie that was made years ago starring Kurt Russell called, “Now You See Him, Now You Don’t”. At the moment we see him, but after November he will slink back into the undergrowth of politics where he came from.

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