Sunday, August 29, 2004

Through The Looking Glass

While sitting in the Reagan National airport waiting for a flight back home, I ordered some pizza and took a seat at a counter that was facing a large mirror.

Mirrors have long been a source of fascination. Many works of literature, and other forms of expression, have forever recorded the world of reflection.

A mirror can provide us the opportunity to look at ourselves. We all look into a mirror as we get ready to greet the day, or to see if the pain in our eye is an eyelash. Next time you're brushing your hair in front of that glass vision that is your opposite, stop the primping process for a moment and take a good long look at who is looking back at you.

Move beyond the vanity and into the soul. Ignore the imperfections, and instead see who you really are. Do you like what you see?

Who are you really?

This is a personal view, and can be an enlightening experience. I believe that people should stop and take a look at themselves more often.

Do you spin your wheels trying to change how others view you, or do you apply your energy to improving how you feel about yourself?

I really don't care how others view me. My focus is on my personal journey. It can be compared to playing video games.

When you play most video games you try to best your highest score. In fact this is what makes people keep coming back for more.

I am constantly trying to improve my personal score in life. When someone needs my help, I do what I can to offer my assistance.

While here in the airport this morning, I arrived early so I was just sitting near the baggage claim and noticed an older woman, with obvious physical difficulties, waiting for her bag to come off the belt.

As I watched I was ready to get up and help her with her bags if she were to have problems getting them. She appeared to be looking for a small black roll-around type of bag, since these were the ones she was scrutinizing as they passed.

After a while, everyone had their bags but her. I noticed a Skycap was pulling a few black roll-around type bags off the belt at the far end and took them over to the baggage service area.

By this time the woman was wandering around with a sort of lost look wondering what she should do. I got up, walked over to her, excused myself, and told her that I think her bag may be over in the baggage service area.

When I was leaving the area, I noticed her leaving the baggage service area with her bag.

It is moments like these that allow me to look into a mirror and approve of the man I see looking back at me.

Helping that woman was not about recognition, it was not done for any reason other then the fact that someone needed some assistance, and I had the ability to lend a hand.

Even as I relate this story, the intent is not for any accolades from you. I'll say it again; I could care less what others think of me. These words are being shared with you in hopes they may inspire.

The story of our lives is still being written. As a good story can do, the direction can always change for good or bad. Make sure the last chapter of your story leaves you with a warm feeling of happiness.

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