Monday, October 04, 2004

Desperately Seeking The Presidency

So Mr. Kerry, you want to be the president when you grow up.

It’s a noble and lofty goal to be sure, but do you understand what it takes to run the United States of America? Have you considered our current world situation and thought beyond your own existence on what a transfer in leadership at this time would entail?

Let’s take a look at your performance during the first debate.

When asked if you could do a better job then President Bush in preventing another 911 type of attack, you arrogantly said that you could.

After the 911 attack, President Bush created the Department of Homeland Security, he signed the Patriot Act, and has led this country in an offensive against terrorism ever since.

We are facing a large mass of religious zealots who want us all dead, and yet in over two years this country has not seen another occurrence of a 911 style attack.

I’m not saying the enemy will not figure out a way to attack us again, but the fact that it has not happened yet speaks volumes for the job that this current administration has performed.

In fact, I believe a true test will be the days leading up to the election. If ever the terrorists were going to hit us, these last few days will be the time.

So Mr. Kerry, how can you stand there and claim to do a better job then 100% of preventing another 911 style attack on this country?

There are so many examples of John Kerry and his flip flopping decisions that I won’t do a list of many of them here. This has been one of the largest jokes he has been attacked with throughout this campaign second only to his Purple Heart fiasco.

Have you seen the shirts that say something like, "I voted for John Kerry, before I voted against him."? Too funny.

John Kerry participated in Viet Nam for four months and during that time received three Purple Hearts. This is extremely suspicious for anyone, much less someone who has such a drive to build a political career.

During Viet Nam he kept a journal and interviewed himself on camera. How many of our soldiers were fighting with the thought of one day using the war as a political opportunity?

An ego like Mr. Kerry’s has no place in the White House.

I was floored when I found out the John Kerry wanted us to join that silly world court. This is the most ridiculous thing that has ever been offered to the United States. To turn over our citizens to be tried by a world kangaroo court is ridiculous!

Would you like to be hauled off to some world tribunal to have your fate decided by a bunch of countries who despise Americans? I didn’t think so, but Mr. Kerry would serve you up on a silver platter!

It was funny to hear Mr. Kerry attempt to ridicule President Bush for not providing our troops with proper equipment. This coming from a political party that does nothing but cut the military in both man-power and equipment any chance they get.

How hypocritical is it to vote against nearly every piece of major military equipment that is currently being used, then claim that the president is not providing our military with good equipment?

And while we’re on this topic, John Kerry made fun of our plan to attack Iraq as some kind of bumbling loosely thrown together street game. I would ask Mr. Kerry about how he would explain how such a horrible military plan took over a country as quickly as this plan did and with very few casualties.

Sure we have had many casualties since then, but this is now a different kind of war. The attack plan for Iraq was excellent!

Before you get into one of Mr. Kerry’s other battle cries that there is no plan for a withdrawal, what the heck do you call what we are currently doing over there? This sure seems like the exact plan the president laid out for us when this whole thing started. In fact, how else would we be doing what we are doing?

It was almost laughable when John Kerry dropped the name of a few military folks who were backing him. I almost generated a tear when he told of a few soldiers asking for him to help their situation in Iraq.

Give me a break.

The fact is that probably 99% of the military want nothing to do with this man becoming the commander in chief. So what if a few sniveling kids fresh out of high school want their mommies and some general is disgruntled or is getting some sort of political kickback for letting him use his name.

Point blank, no matter what tidbits Kerry throws to the media, the military wants nothing to do with him.

Mr. Kerry’s grasp on world affairs seems a bit shaky as well. It was almost embarrassing when President Bush on several occasions had to correct Mr. Kerry on how the world leaders would view certain actions, or what would happen if he implemented his plans for Iraq, North Korea, and Iran.

Obviously we do not know if President Bush is 100% correct in his analogy, but I tend to give the win to the current president who is dealing with these world leaders on a day-to-day basis. Can we afford to place our eggs in John Kerry’s theory basket right now?

Senator Kerry’s plan for Iraq is to strengthen our military, form alliances with other nations, cut off terrorist finances, strengthen our intelligence, reach out to the Muslim world, train the Iraqi forces to defend themselves, and prepare for the Iraqi elections.

Have you heard this plan before? Gee Mr. Kerry, your ideas are so original they sound just like what President Bush is currently doing. What the heck sort of unique plan do you think you have come up with? Seriously this man is getting to be a laughing stock even within his own political party.

Simply put Mr. Kerry, you have demonstrated little knowledge on international affairs, you have continuously voted to cancel many of our major military programs, and you seem unable to formulate a decision and then stick with it.

A majority of the men and women you desire to lead as commander in chief not only don’t think you would make a good president, many of them, past and present, actually despise you for what you have done during the Viet Nam war.

Let’s not even go into your dubious purple hearts that you parade around like a Miss Universe sash.

A true leader does not run around saying that he wants to be a leader, and lying about heroic deeds, or changing his mind with the political wind. No Mr. Kerry, a leader leads by example. Have you heard this before?

What would the example be for the office of president? I would say that choosing a path that you feel is right and staying the course regardless of the adversity might be one way. Sound like a president we all know?

If this article seems one sided, it’s only because President Bush has a track record already, and John Kerry must prove himself worthy to take the reigns of this country in a time of conflict. So far in my eyes he has not.

We all know what President Bush has done for this country and the world. People who say outrageous things like the president is lying, or is not genuine about anything he does or says, I challenge them right here to bring up their concerns within the forums and let’s discuss your feelings.

I would caution you to state your opinions with facts, because I will be attempting to show you the error of your ways.

Does this upset you? Good, it should. If you believe you are right in your thoughts, then you should have no problem with showing me my errors.

In a month, a very important election will be held in this country. Do not place your vote based on hearsay and commercials. Base your vote on knowing the topics, and in understanding what is best for this country in its time of need to remain strong and resolute.

Vote for a president for his strengths, not because you dislike the other guy.

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