Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Nobody can predict the future, so of course I view this as yet another challenge and I will attempt to do just that.

This seems like the most energetic year I have seen for an election. People who have never registered to vote are doing so in great numbers. States are starting their voting early, and after the fiasco of the 2000 elections, it's gearing up to be more of a battle then an election.

Cheap shots are being fired from both camps, and the satirists and comedians are enjoying the rich volume of material to keep us all laughing at the expense of the politicians.

The Democrats and Republicans both have an army of lawyers ready to continue the combat well into the next year if need be. Unless there is a landslide win, be prepared for a long haul in trying to clean up the mess and ensure that the right man was chosen.

Now I’ll demonstrate my future telling ability. I won't bother trying to persuade you to vote for any one candidate, and I won’t try to tell you who will win. Besides, if you read my website frequently you know my stance on that subject. What I am going to do is to tell you what I think each candidate will do if they win on 2 November 2004.

If George Bush gets a chance to take the reigns for another four years I think you’ll see the fire being turned up another notch on the war on terror. Things are sort of in a holding pattern now leading up to the election. No sense in rocking the boat or he would lose the chance to finish what he started. So, like a good politician he has held back, and is biding his time until after the election.

Once the election is behind him, I think the president will once again come out of his corner swinging. Not necessarily with military force, but I think you’ll see him remain tough, and start to deliver some ultimatums to Iran and North Korea. I believe he truly would like to settle those two issues diplomatically, but I also feel if it comes down to the wire, he’ll whip out a can of wup-ass on them as well.

John Kerry in the White House, what a scary thought, but it could just happen.

I think the country will be in for a shock if John Kerry brings home the gold. Even John Kerry, I don’t think, realizes what he is up against.

He can’t go into the White House doing half of what he thinks he will be able to accomplish. He’ll have to deal with the war on terror just like President Bush has had to do. About the only way to do this is exactly how we are dealing with it now. Point blank, I don’t think John Kerry will be able to bring anything new to the table.

So, all of you who believe that John Kerry is going to roll into the presidency and be completely different, you’re 100% wrong. There is no different way to deal with our current predicament. For all of Mr. Kerry’s scare tactics that he will bring our soldiers home, save social security, and make the lame walk again, these are all just inept boasting that is far from a reality.

There you have it, my thoughts on what will happen when the smoke clears after the elections. In a nutshell, nothing drastic will change regardless of who is steering this ship we know as the United States of America.

The only real changes will be that Bush will continue to lead this country in a strong, resolute manner, while Kerry will finish what Bush has begun, then sit on his hands for the rest of his presidency and claim success for the climbing economy and other things that President Bush and his administration have put into motion.

Come back to this article around June and see how close I am to what is happening to whatever president we have.

I’ll be waiting for you…

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