Monday, June 13, 2005


Michael Jackson was found not-guilty just now on all 10 offenses that he was charged with. This tells me that either the prosecutor failed to do his job, or Michael Jackson was arrested because of the excitement of his celebrity status, he's a tad odd, or that he really is not guilty.

Do I think he's guilty? My only reaction is that a man was arrested for a crime and was found innocent of the charges against him. I neither support Michael Jackson, nor do I rally against him.

The way this is being reported is that everyone has elevated themselves to the position of the judge and jury toward Michael Jackson and have decided he is guilty and got off (pun intended).

I will admit that I like Michael Jackson's music. His older stuff, not really some of his newer songs. Let's face it, a huge number of people in this country liked his earlier style or he would not have sold the number of albums that he has.

As with the OJ Simpson trial the time has come to move on. Get back to your lives and don't waste a lot of precious time debating on whether or not he really is guilty. He was arrested, charged, had a trial, and found to be innocent.

Our justice system may not be perfect, and sometimes guilty people do not get sent away to do their time, but the important part is not who got away, but who was not sent to jail for a crime they did not commit.

You can have your own idea of Michael Jackson's guilt or innocent, but ask yourself just what exactly is it based on? The fact that over the years he has gone from a cute pop star kid to a strange plastic surgery poster child? Or is it that when he talks of loving children and that they are innocent you get all weirded out that a grown man would think like that?

Maybe Michale Jackson truly does love children and not in a sexual way. Has it ever occurred to you that he truly does want nothing but to play with kids and see them playing and having fun too? Granted it sounds as though he has not used the best judgment where kids are concerned, but nobody's perfect.

Some of you may raise yourselves up to lofty levels thinking that you are perfect when it comes to interacting with children, at least until you spank them, yell at them, or even ignore them. There are a lot of teen suicides for a reason, their guardians are not perfect when it comes to interacting with the children.

So before you pass judgment on a man that has now been found innocent in a court of law, why don't you go talk to your kids, and yes, maybe even sit down and play a game with them.

I hope to heck nobody comes to lock me away the next time I am holding my daughters hands and skipping through the Home Depot parking lot!

Yes, a 250 pound man skipping with his daughters. So arrest me!


  1. Skipping in Walmart! Off to the Gulag with you.

    Michael Jackson is weird enough that almost anything is plausible. Doesn't mean he is guilty, but I don't think it would shock anyone if it turned out true.

    On the other hand, the accusers family is weird enough, and scummy enough, that this whole thing being a scam is plausible as well.

    Fact is though, the prosecution didn't prove the case.

    I expect that despite that, you wouldn't let your daughter stay with Michael at NeverLand.

  2. Funny you should mention that, they are going to summer camp there!

    Kidding, of course. :)

    I said I was pretty much neutral on the subject of Michael Jackson, not stupid. ;)