Thursday, August 13, 2009

KISS Government

Who are we kidding?

One of the largest problems with how the government of the United States of America operates is that there is too much confusion.

There is no excuse to have bills brought forth with thousands of pages in them and written in complex double-speak. The only reason this happens is because people who want to steal our rights and our tax money know full well that they can't do it straight up. If some of the extra crap that is added in these bills had to go before a vote on their own accord they would be laughed out of the building. So why do we play stupid and look the other way when all of these things are added into a bill?

Simply put, it's criminal.

There is not a decent, intelligent, person who can make the claim that this is a good way to do business.

Everyone knows the phrase Keep It Simple Stupid, and that's exactly what should occur in our government.

How embarrassing it must be for a congressman to admit they don't have the time, or probably the smarts, to read any of the huge, bloated, bills they are voting on. Why the hell are they there then?

How do we fix this?

I have heard many people propose this simple fix, and I still don't understand why it is not being pushed by the American people.

Only one topic should be allowed per bill. That's it!

Keep the bill simple, and limited to one item. This will instantly put a stop to all of the extra waste that is currently being spent in our government.

Do you realize how quickly we can decrease our spending when all of the extra tax money that is hemorrhaging out of every bill for special interests is removed?

Suddenly, our representatives would be able to actually read and understand the bills they are passing.

In addition, these clowns should also be made to sign every bill to verify that they have read the bill. We have to sign documents to make large purchases, or enter in contracts for doing anything important in our lives, why don't the congressman have to sign that they have read and understand the bill they are voting on?

This plan sounds so freaking simple, yet they will never adapt it. Why? Because our current government structure has been taken control by thieves and other criminals. Every time a bulging bill gets the rubber stamp by our representatives, they are participating in this crime.

It's time we demand not only the transparency we keep hearing about, but the adaptation of a simple process for our government, complete with accountability of our representatives.

Wow, there's a novel concept!

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