Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Religion - Blind Faith or Wisdom?

A friend of mine asked if I had seen the "Life" series yet. Although I have it on DVR I have not yet started watching it, but I can't wait because the photography in it looks amazing.

He brought up that it was very slanted toward evolution. I mentioned the National Geographic special I watched a few weekends ago about evolution which asked the question, "Was Darwin wrong?"

I told him the Nat Geo show did a great job tackling the three basic things that Darwin brought to light concerning evolution, and in all instances Darwin was correct in his thought process even though in his day he didn't have the full ability to test his theories.

My friend told me that evolution is not real because the Bible does not have any mention of dinosaurs, and that Adam and Eve did not have dinosaurs around or the Bible would have mentioned them.

He went on to explain to me that the dinosaur bones were probably created somewhere else in the universe then brought from pieces of matter when the Earth was created.

Of course, he also pretty much ended the conversation by telling me that he didn't care about the past because he has it on faith what really happened.

Is this truly what religious people all think? Do they completely ignore scientific proof and just base all of their belief system on faith?

Does it occur to these people that the reason the Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs is because when the Bible was written detailed study on our planets natural history was not available, and that the Bible is imperfect because it was written by man, and not through the channeling or influence of a supreme being?

I'm not one to abuse people for their beliefs, but if their belief system does not stand up to scrutiny, what does it say about those who follow its teachings? They need to ask the bigger question such as, "Why does my religion teach that you must have faith and ignore scientific fact?"

Does this make any sense?

I have not ventured into a religious article for some time now, basically because I now have many articles on the subject and it can get tiresome to rehash the same topic over and over again. I just thought this conversation with my friend needed to be brought out.

What are your thoughts on this? What would a better argument be from the religious folks out there other then preferring to ignore the science and relying on faith?


  1. Great to see you writing again!

    I really think that a skeptical and logical viewpoint is needed when you examine things. The problem is that that is *hard*. Not many people want to take the time to really examine what they believe, hold it up to the hard light of logic and reality, and find out that, perhaps, it's not right.

    It's scary to realize that what they believe, what they have invested so much time in, might not be true!

  2. Lol... your buddy actually believes dinosaur bones came from outer space? LMAO... I guess it's the same thing as believing in talking snake or Santa Clause. Religious people crack me up. The earth is only 5k yrs old? yea right.