Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Path We're On

As you move through life there are opportunities that present themselves. Sometimes these opportunities are within your control, and sometimes they are in the control of others.

If someone else is in control, it feels as though you are merely a spectator in your own life, watching and waiting for the drama to unfold.

At the moment my future lies with the decision of another. Well, one possible future to be sure. I would enjoy discovering where that path would lead, but am just happy to have caught a glimpse of the trail.

Our lives are constantly crisscrossing through different possible branches leading to a variety of futures. Which ones we take are not always chosen by us.

I will be moving quietly through the next few days awaiting my fate.

Will the path you end up on be the right one? There's no way of telling, even when you're traveling along. That's what makes life interesting. Our goal should be to take the path we're on and make the best of it.

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