Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Future

Throughout my life I have come across folks who seem to have a very limited sight. Not physically, but time-space continuum-wise.

I've known people that are clueless about history, both world-wide, or even recent. I'll be the first to admit that I mostly ignored high school history classes, but when I joined the Air Force, and realized that what is happening in the rest of the world could instantly affect me, I began to follow the news closely.

Now, I watch/read/listen to the news all the time. My mind is constantly in tune with what is going on within our country, and the rest of the world. There is a genuine interest in who I vote for come election day, with sound reasoning why.

People within my close circle of friends, and my family, don't seem to grasp even the simplest of concepts about our country. What this country has gone through just to exist, and what sacrifices many of the people have endured to see that it remains one of the best countries on this planet.

They're too busy listening to their iPods, watching sitcoms, and wondering who will win American Idol.

Hey, I do all of those things too! I just don't make that the only thing I do in my life.

Frustration wells up inside me when someone argues their point based on something from some casual speech they have heard, or some gossip they're regurgitating from an insignificant source.

After more years then I care to admit following talk-radio, news channels and reading many books, here's one thing I know for certain.

Glenn Beck is digging deeper then any news source I have known to get at the truth of what is happening in this country. I recommend anyone watch him for a week, and with an open mind, to really understand what is going on.

If you want to make snide remarks about talk-radio, Glenn Beck, Hannity, etc, then back them up with hard facts, or don't even bother attempting a discussion with me.

The left tends to whine emotionally about anything but reality. They will call people names, make fun of folks, cry about this and that, but what you NEVER hear them do is actually speak with substance and facts.

Have you ever asked yourself why they complain all of the time that talk radio needs to be stopped? They originally thought they could just start their own talk radio shows to do the same thing to combat this threat. It was a miserable failure.

Many times I would turn on the talk radio shows that the left had spun up and heard nothing but cry-babies and liars spreading information that was seemingly pulled from thin air because there was literally zero basis in fact in any of it. I thought to myself, this is what the left side has to offer this country? No wonder I have never been attracted to their side on anything in the past.

Realistically, talk radio isn't really about the right or left, it's always been about right and wrong. Almost everyone I listen to had given George Bush's presidency just as much scrutiny as they are now giving Barak Obama's. Anyone who has been listening for more then just a passing interest would know this to be true.

Left leaning talk radio does not do well because they have no message based on the facts, and the majority of the American people are not as stupid as the left seems to be. So their answer is to try and put an end to talk radio. Nice plan. You suck, so you try and kill free speech. This tactic alone makes me want to say, "I rest my case". Idiots!

Those who know me well are aware that I never fall into just one side of an argument. When Barak Obama became president I thought it was great, and that he had an opportunity to not just be the first African-American president, but to really make a name for himself and be someone that children could be inspired by. That was until he started the job, then all hell broke loose. He is currently on his way to becoming one of the absolute worse presidents this country has ever seen.

In fact, it's not just Barak Obama, but it was George Bush as well toward the end of his run!

The way this country was designed to run, this should never happen.

We the people have elected who we thought were honest men to represent our states issues in Washington DC. The main problem, is these folks go to Washington and overstay their welcome. They become hookers for the pimp special interest groups, and seem to forget all about why they were sent there to begin with. They're no longer working for their constituents, but apparently for organizations such as unions. Imposing term limits on these people will help stop this.

When I see congressmen say that they hear their constituents not wanting a government run health care system, but then say that they will vote for it anyway because they know what's best for their constituents, something is seriously wrong.

When I hear a congressman say that they really can't be expected to read the bills they are voting on, something is seriously wrong.

When I see the president continually bringing people on his staff who have failed to pay their taxes, not just once, but multiple people, something is seriously wrong.

When I see our government adding a bunch of new positions that answer only to the president, completely bypassing our government check and balances, something is seriously wrong.

When I see those same people are radicals, Communists, Marxists, Socialists, etc... The very things we have died protecting ourselves against. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG!

These days I can't get what Abraham Lincoln said out of my mind.

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." -- Abraham Lincoln

People, you need to wake up. The Federal Government is currently seizing too much power. It is bordering on the brink of unstoppable.

I really don't care what most of your political views are. The foundation of this country was built to be run by the people, not a few in Washington DC.

Become interested, become active.

I have the ability to look at the big picture. Both in the past, and in the future. Right now, the future looks grim unless we can bring this country back to where it belongs. Run by the people, not special interests.

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