Friday, September 11, 2009

To Your Health

The President is eloquent in his ability to speak.

In fact, I agree with most of what he claims he wants to do with our countries health care system in the speech he delivered on Wednesday. The reality is, that in true political fashion, he can't do what he claims he can.

There is currently not one bill that does what he says he wants to do. The current bills are all a huge mixture of the usual crap.

It's like saying, "I want world peace". Saying something like that does not make it a reality.

Before you get your undies in a bunch I do realize the scale difference of global peace compared to the Health care system of the United States. The point is that things are easier said then done. I'm tired of politicians promising one thing, but actually delivering something else.

Our governments, both federal and state, tend to come up with ideas that require them to raise taxes to sustain. Then they take the money that was marked for that new project and spend it on everything else. Later, they come back to the people crying that they don't have the funds to sustain the original project. This is a pattern that happens over and over again. The amount of data to support this would be unimaginable if you tried to assemble it. And that's probably for just one states government. The federal government is astronomically worse.

By letting the government try to run our health care, even a little, here's what I see happening. (Dusting off my crystal ball).

1. The health care plan is voted in, which will be chalk full of additional crap which probably has nothing to even do with health care, because that's how bills roll.

2. Taxes will have to be raised from someplace, because the government cannot possibly pay for this with their current allotment and deficit they have already created.

3. Health care in this country, like every other government run health care country, will still not be able to afford to help everyone as promised. Why? Because they have spent the additional taxes on something else. It's what they do!!!!!

4. Because the government run health care system has turned to crap, you find yourself having to get additional insurance so you can see a doctor and get the test and care you need in a timely manner.

Do you see the problem? In the end we will STILL be paying for our health insurance, although now the government is sucking even more money from your paycheck that is not helping you at all!

Again, IT'S WHAT THEY DO!!!!!!

There have been great ideas proposed to help people get and retain health insurance that DO NOT INVOLVE GOVERNMENT RUN OPTIONS. That's the important part.

Our government needs to stay out of anything that they are not mandated to do by the Constitution, which is to basically defend this country so that are country can thrive without having to worry about destruction from abroad.

Don't get me started on the fantasy that the government is going to pay for this by cutting waste and abuse from Medicare and Medicaid.

If our government gets control of their own poor spending habits, shows improvement in how they run their other government programs (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Post Office, to name a few) then maybe they can come back and talk to us again.

The plain truth is that until they can show some sense of responsibility in running this country, the last thing I want them running is our health care system.

Yes, we need to reform our current health care system. There are many problems with its current incarnation. And might I add that the current problems were caused by government intervention.

If the government wants to improve our current system here's what they need to do to make me happy.

Bring one bill up at a time to fix one issue at a time. Don't add in fluff and garbage. Something straight forward such as Americans can buy health insurance across state lines so that competition with insurance companies will drive down costs.

That's just one example, but I don't want to ramble on all of the other good ideas that are out there. Moderate searching will show you a ton of ideas that will help our system.

The point is, bring these changes about intelligently, and logically.

The president is correct in saying that this has been going on long enough, but the reason it never gets passed is because they try to do it in the usual government slimy way.

Make it simple, make it logical. If they don't, then they are just trying to add crap and screw over the American people.

I invite you to tell me why rushing through this process with a bloated bill full of a ton of extra crap is ultimately going to help us.

Focus not on how Utopian the president makes it sound, but on how they can do this so that it makes sense and actually DOES what they say it will do.

Right now, I don't see it.

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