Saturday, June 14, 2003

The Force

It sounds silly, but in the first Star Wars movie, when Obi Wan explained what The Force was all about, I could really relate. For some reason it struck a cord in me.

I truly believe that there is some energy, life force, or something like that within every living thing, or perhaps even undulating around all of us in the space between. Are we all connected through that life force? Perhaps, but at this point I wouldn’t make any claims to that effect. What I do think, is that this life force is what we tap into when people pray, no matter what type of religion they follow. It’s why prayer sometimes seems to work.

Prayer, in my opinion, is merely a form in which many people can join their life forces together to focus on a central goal. In this way, the human life force can become collectively stronger then it is normally. That’s why churches ask for group prayer, and why witches formed covens. You have all heard that there is strength in numbers.

Living together for a long time, and in close proximity to one another, somehow allows us to recognize the life force of another. This would explain why we have feelings about another person even when we’re miles apart. Apparently this life force is not affected by distance. There is a huge amount of stories where someone was thinking of someone they have not spoken to in years and the other person suddenly calls. Twins will tell you they seem to have an even stronger connection with each other then most of us do.

Through the years I have discovered that I seem to have the ability to sit back and observe things that sometimes escape others. Or perhaps others notice these things too, but are either to busy to contemplate there importance, or allow their beliefs to lump the observation into another category. Whatever the case, it’s difficult to not just stand up and yell, “Don’t you see this?”

I’m too scientific, or analytical, or whatever. This is why I have a hard time wrapping myself around the idea of an invisible supreme being that conveniently created everything, and is somehow pulling all the strings. So why then do I think there is some invisible force that interconnects everything? Because of the stories, claims, and observations I have mentioned already. These are things we can observe, almost all of us have experienced. Calling it a “life force” is merely an attempt on my part to try and put a label to a phenomenon.

Why does prayer work for Christians, Wiccans, Buddhists, Muslims and Jews? Because, just maybe, it’s not about the belief system that was created by man to explain this power, but the power itself. If God granted the power of prayer, then how can Wiccans use their magic (basically prayer) to accomplish the same things?

Maybe God doesn’t care if you call him Goddess, God, Buddha, Odin, Zeus, or Allah. Quite possibly, if some supreme deity does exist, he’s out there somewhere laughing at all of our feeble attempts to categorize him/her into a religion. In the end, if we all live a good life, that should be what counts. I’ve been told I’m more Christian then many Christians. That makes me feel good. I try to live a good life, and treat others well.

What do you think of this explanation? After all of this I can truly say, and with a straight face, may the Force be with you!

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