Thursday, June 12, 2003


I have recently retired from the United States Air Force. My reasons for enlisting, and serving the country for over twenty years, are that I believe in this country with all my heart.

Upfront, and foremost, in that belief is the ultimate belief in freedom for everyone. I realize that there must be rules to govern us within reason, but the ultimate goal, even for our laws, should be freedom. I think we sometimes overlook that point in striving to do the right thing. Not to rag on Christians again, but they tend to be the worst in this country to force their belief system on everyone.

One recent example is the “One Nation under God” line in the pledge. I was amazed at the outcry when someone suggested to have this removed from the pledge. If this country stands for freedom for all, and more explosively freedom of religion, then statements about God should not enter into our national statements.

Some of you at this point are probably assuming I hate Christians or something. On the contrary. If the whole country were true Christians we’d all be better off. All I ask is for religious tolerance for all. What if someone wanted to change the pledge to, “One nation, under Buddha”? I can hear the Christians screaming when reading this. Then why should it read “under God”?

I’m not an ignorant person. I fully understand that God, and the Christian doctrine played a substantial role in the formation of this country. But this country was first inhabited by Native Americans, not Christians. Why should they recite the line “under God”? This is what I mean, Christians think this is bad, evil, and terrible, because they cannot tolerate any other religions interfering with their rise to complete global domination.

Sounds a bit harsh eh? But it’s true. We saw the reality of this with this whole pledge business. But the truth is, I served this country so that there is freedom for everyone, including Christians! Do I hate Christians? Absolutely not! Do I hate Christians who try to force their will, and the teachings of their religion onto others. Hate is a strong term, so let’s just say I don’t care for them, and I will fight them (figuratively speaking) all the way.

This country was founded because one flavor of Christians were persecuted and oppressed in Europe, so they fled to the New World to practice their religion without oppression, and vowed to allow anyone else to do the same. How soon we forget our own history.

I stand for freedom for all, as long as it does not hurt others in the process. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you really stand for, Christian or not.

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