Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Things That Go BANG In The Night

Recently a teacher was shot on the last day of school. The widow tried to sue the gun manufacturer because the gun was not safe, or some such nonsense. I’m not professing to know anything about this case, and I actually don’t like trying to condemn court cases without actually know all of the facts surrounding them. Some of them, if the reporting is honest, are downright silly.

In the case of this teacher, the gun manufacturer has told the widow that if she continues trying to appeal the decision, thus costing them even more money trying to defend themselves, they will seek damages from her and make her pay the defense court costs.

Awe. The big business is picking on the poor widow. B.S. The reality is the gun manufacturer has zero responsibility for this crime, and should not be punished for it. Let’s look at some more examples that don’t involve the big bad guns.

Let’s sue car manufacturers because an irate women ran over her husband, who was having an affair. Let’s sue dog breeders because dogs come with sharp teeth. Let’s sue the makers of pencils and pens because we poke ourselves with them. Let’s sue the manufacturers of tennis shoes because we can trip over the laces. Geez people, get a grip!

Frivolous lawsuits are a disease of this country. If your kid gets hurt playing on the local Little League, shake it off! It was a baseball game! The whole point of sports is that you can get hurt. I would love to see a judge get these cases and just burst out laughing in the face of these lawyers and people, then tell them to get the hell out of the courtroom.

I used to love watching the judge on the television show “Picket Fences”. He would tell everyone to, “shut-up”, or “get out”. This was mainly true of this one lawyer in town that brought the dumbest cases to court.

Their should be an idiot law, so when an idiot tries to sue someone, they get fined by the court system and told to go home. Oh, and the stupid lawyer who latched onto this hair-brained lawsuit also gets tagged a pretty penny.

I really do feel bad for the widow, or anyone else who suffers a loss, especially at the hands of some creep, some criminal, some degenerate. You’ve heard it time and again, and I’ll give it to you one more time in hopes that it might actually sink in.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people!

We all have the right to bare arms, and don’t get me started here because this right has actually been infringed on big time nation-wide! We don’t have a right to shoot teachers, or commit other hurtful crimes against anyone. The right to bare arms is for the other side of the equation, and it IS an equation. An equation, by its very nature, means that both sides must be equal. And in the case of guns, for both sides to be equal, we must have the ability to defend ourselves from the seedier side of society, and yes possibly from our own government.

After all, I view the main reason we have the right to bare arms is so that our government can’t suddenly come in with their guns and do as they please in this country. Again, it’s an equation. Our nation needs guns to help defend this great country, but we need guns to help defend ourselves from all those who may attack us, regardless of the source. Friends, family, gangs or countries.

If a company is truly negligent in their actions, then by all means call them out on the carpet and make them take responsibility for their actions (like whoever the kid got this gun from). My guns are locked in safes so this sort of thing does not happen.

Let’s go over it one more time… Everyone say it with me now…

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

Any questions?

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