Friday, September 12, 2003

Aliens Among Us!

I have an idea.

Let's give each murderer a trip to Disneyland, each burglar a new car, and while we're at it, let's give all of the pedophiles unlimited access to our daycare centers!

Pardon my language, which is English by-the-way, what the hell are they doing in California!!!!

It's bad enough that we give illegal aliens medical support, but now they want to give them driver's licenses so that it's easier for them to have access to other tax-payer supported programs. What does the term "illegal" mean to you? I believe it means that these people, however nice and needy they may be, have broken the law! They are in our country illegally!

So far it seems like we're just running a catch and release program for aliens. We catch them, deport them, and sometimes the very next day they're caught again! What the heck are we doing?

Here's my plan. We build large prisons for aliens in Death Valley. When a person is caught entering, or living, in this country illegally, they are tossed into these prisons for five years for their first offense. Ten years for their second offense and for life if they have a flat learning curve and try it a third time!

Let them do some menial tasks like the license plate makers. Or here's an idea, let them make the bricks we'll use to build the Great America, Mexico Wall. Then, they can haul the bricks to the border and build the wall that will save their fellow Mexicans from being as stupid as they were.

Without getting tougher on illegals in this country, we'll never solve the problem. And don't get me started on the amount of illegals that are already in this country. It's time for a program to round them all up as well. I say we give them a one year head start to find a way to get the hell out of here. We could even offer to purchase them a one-way ticket to their country of choosing. I'd gladly pay to send them back home...once... After that, the five year jail term kicks in.

What do you think? I bet it will work great.

And before I get a bunch of you whiney-butts thinking I am some sort of white-supremacy guy, I am not. Anyone who is legally in this country has nothing to worry about. It's not an attack on Mexicans, or Koreans, or anyone else. It's an attack on "illegal aliens". Note the word illegal!

Come on; let's hear from some of you on this one. Even an agreement would be nice.

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