Monday, September 15, 2003

The Seven Dwarves

[This was a reply to an article by Bob Lonsberry (9-15-03) on his site about the seven dwarves that are running for the Democratic nomination.]

Al Gore? heh heh heh

If he thought he was such a winner last election, where is he now? I say, step up to the plate you whiney-butt! Let's see how the country will vote if you throw your hat in the ring this time. Wuss! If Al really thought he would have beat GW he'd be in there slugging it out with the seven dwarves this time. Instead, he is cowering in the corner somewhere.

And for all of you who think GW has created an economic problem with the country, I think not. He inherited this fiasco from BJ Billy.

When we were attacked GW immediately set plans into action to defend this country. This means we must spend the money, and the lives, to protect ourselves. Every time a Dem gets into the White House I am embarrassed to be an American. I shudder to think what Al would have done. We'd probably still be discussing it with the U.N.!

Sure this war an terrorism is costly, but so is doing nothing. Right now the terrorists are running scared. I know they are still blowing themselves up, but let's look on the bright side, it's one less of them we have to worry about.

The economy is starting to make a move upward, and it just may be from the tax refunds and the pride the American people have in our country once more.

Will this make all of our debt go away from this war? Not hardly, but the cost of staying in Iraq for the long haul is a burden we must all except and bare. As long as progress is being made, then I'm behind it 100%. And progress IS being made.

Between Afghanistan and Iraq we have sent a major message to the sand people.


Don't know about you, but thanks to GW I'm proud to be an American! And those of you who aren't had better do some soul searching or hop out of this country, because there is no place for you here.

You're either with us, or against us!

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