Sunday, June 20, 2004

Family Days

We have set aside a few days each year to remember family. Father’s, Mother’s, and Grandparents.

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For now, it’s my turn to share with you my feelings toward these days.

I think it’s great! No argument from me.

The best thing about these family days, is that it gives us a chance, or should I say an excuse, to drop what we’re doing in our busy lives and acknowledge those who have raised us, who love us, and who we love.

It seems these days our lives run at full speed. To where, I have no idea, but we’re sure in a hurry to get there!

This year we had the pleasure to go to my wife’s parents home. Her brother and sister got to come as well, which is great because the family covers the West coast, East coast and Mountain region of the United States. It’s not often these days that they can all get together in one place.

I’m just like many of you. Most days I tend to be too busy to stop and smell the roses. In this case the roses are family.

We live in another state from just about every family member we know. I have a cousin nearby, which is nice to have at least some part of my family where I live. I’ll be the first to admit though, that there are many times that I miss my family and friends.

Things would be much easier if family and friends always and forever lived near each other. The reality is, we move, they move, and eventually the ideal situation is gone.

Being retired from the Air Force, I have friends scattered throughout the world! The nice thing about e-mail and the Internet is that I tend to keep in touch with everyone a little better then if I had to rely completely on “snail mail”.

So here we are, the sun is shinning (which is good because it has rained for the past three days here), and we’re all preparing for a nice BBQ by the pool.

Before I go down and join in the festivities I had to do a little work on the local computer here. It tends to be my job wherever I go, but it doesn’t bother me, because it’s what I enjoy doing.

The computer is now updated, and some other research is done so I’ll be on my way to helping with the food preparation, or maybe just watching the kids in the pool. Either way, it’s time to enjoy the family, and relax on this day, my day, Father’s Day.

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