Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Freeloading Women

Have we gone completely mad?

Today there was a ruling by J. Frank Vespa-papaleo, director of the New Jersey state Division on Civil Rights, that establishments can no longer offer “ladies night” discounts such as waving a cover charge or reduced drink prices.

This civil rights clown actually agrees with David R. Gillespie who whined that it wasn’t fair that women can get into the Coastline nightclub for free and get reduced cost drinks, while men have to pay a $5 cover charge and full price for their drinks.

Is it just me, or does this seem like a petty thing to not only complain about, but for any official to even make a ruling on?

How could this even make it as far as it had without someone just laughing real loud and obnoxiously into Mr. Gillespie’s face? I’m sure his friends are very proud to know him, and he’s just a real hit with the ladies.

This is not discrimination folks, it’s a promotion to try to get more women to come into a bar so that the men have a reason to go there as well. While we’re at it, lets outlaw wet t-shirt and bikini contests! I know some of you would say great, but whether you enjoy them is not the issue.

The fact is that some members of our society like wet t-shirt and bikini contests, they even like the fact that a nightclub owner is trying to attract more women into their bar so that more men will be drawn to come in and spend their money.

Do you realize the shear number of gender-based promotions and advertisements in this country? Should we abolish them all in the name of civil rights? Let’s just cut the hair of all the women short, make them all wear pants, and outlaw makeup while we’re at it!

Let’s face it men and women are different. We are attracted to different things, we have different drives, and the same things that motivate men do not motivate women.

Discrimination to me is if someone is being hurt by the actions of another based on their gender, race, etc… Nobody is being denied anything. The only thing going on is women are getting a discount to be lured into a nightclub.

I’ll bet Mr. Gillespie wants to take away discounts for Senior Citizens as well based on age discrimination. Those darn old people should not be able to eat cheaper then us! It’s not fair!

Grow up Dave, and welcome to the real world! It’s not Dave’s world, or the playground. Not only am I annoyed that this even happened, now I’m annoyed that I got so worked up over this that I actually was driven to write about it.

It was time for another culture piece anyway, and I knew the world would not let me down. Having a pool of idiots to draw from, always assures there will be fresh stories to write about. Instead of glorifying people like David with any attention, they should be ignored. Better yet, maybe we should build some more asylums for those people who can’t handle life.

You know the type I’m talking about. There are those people who go to work, but don’t want to do any work, so they sit around complaining about other people not doing enough of the work so they can relax a bit more.

Then there are customers who take the term, “the customer is always right” to new levels. Sometimes customers are just a big pain in the butt!

You are not right when you abuse a sales clerk. You’re a jerk. You’re not right when you scream at a customer service person like a child. You’re a jerk. You’re not right when you whine about not getting in free like the women, or cheaper drinks. You’re a jerk David.

David will be some great prize for one of those women at the nightclub. Hopefully they’ll be able to see him coming from a mile away. He’s probably the guy still wearing the polyester suit and colorful shirt unbuttoned down to his navel.

The funny thing about all of this is I’ll bet ya David walks into the same nightclub and brags about being responsible for teaching all of those freeloading women a lesson. Of course, now they’re no longer there, and with any luck the remaining guys will take David out behind the bar and smack him around a bit. Why? For being a jerk!

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