Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry, Bush-Whacked!

I was going to wait on publishing this article based on the issues with Ohio and Iowa, but I am confident that President Bush will come out of this taking Ohio, New Mexico and Nevada, which will make him the winner of this election. At least that’s how I see things at midnight Pacific Time.

John Kerry would be smart to not raise too much of a stink and try to fight this. Al Gore did in 2000 and suffered the fate of looking like a whiny-butt sorry loser bastard. Sometimes you just need to bow out gracefully and take it like a man.

The days leading up to this election were crazy!

Bush and Kerry were neck and neck as they made whirlwind campaign trips in the last remaining hours leading up to the big day of November 2nd.

As I watched the debates, campaigning, commercials and listened to talk shows, it seemed to me that John Kerry had to work harder to get his point across then President Bush did. This is because John Kerry really did not have a solid platform to run with. As I have said all along his stance was basically get into office and do exactly what George Bush is doing, but then he adds, but he’ll do it better.

What kind of silly position was that?

It’s not entirely John Kerry’s fault. Our current global and domestic situation sort of only has one answer right now. We must stay the course in Iraq, so he really could not add anything different there. And George Bush has sparked this economy into high gear with his tax cuts and the rest of his economic policies.

John Kerry kept saying he would do better, but were people willing to take the chance?

Apparently not.

They had just got slowly pulled out of a nasty economic time after 911, and I don’t think they want to slide back into another recession.

Point blank, what President Bush is doing is working, and the majority of this country realized it and voted accordingly. This includes many Democrats, which is where John Kerry had his troubles.

The Senator had several strikes against him right out of the shoot. He jumped in trying to rely almost 100% on being a war hero, and that fell apart when the truth about his military record came to light. Then the truth that was told to us by those who served with him and John Kerry still refuses to release his military records.

John Kerry was a classic politician in that he would flip flop on issues based on the winds of change. He’ll deny it all day long, but his record speaks for itself, and just listening to him gave me the feeling that he’s trying to sell me a used car. People like that scare me normally, and I certainly don’t want one of them to become the leader of our country.

Now that the smoke has cleared, it was clear that for all of the work that the Democratic Party and John Kerry did to try and undermine and discredit the President, they just did not have enough of what it took to remove a successful President.

I was glad to see Florida stand by President Bush, even though they took a lot of flack from the 2000 election, and it was nice to see that they rallied and stood behind the rightful person when it really mattered.

The state that I found interesting during this entire race was California. When they elected Arnold and joined him in helping drag that state out of the mess that their past Governor had placed them in, I was surprised that they did not once again stand behind their Governor and finally drag California kicking and screaming to the right side of the vote. In the end, who needed them?

So here it is, 9PM Pacific Time and Florida has not even been decided yet. I’m ready to put this article to bed.

You read that right, I wrote this piece before half the country was decided. I was that sure the President Bush would be allowed to finish what he has begun. Although I will wait until it’s guaranteed before I actually post this. Not because I have doubts, but because it just makes good sense.

Based on the popular vote, I guess we now really know who won the three debates.

Congratulations Mr. President. You defended your office well just like you have defended this country.

Take a break, you deserve one. Then it’s back to the office to roll up your sleeves and get back to work. The American people have shown that they are behind you.

Let’s roll!

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