Friday, November 26, 2004

Bond, Musical Bond

I love music.

In just about every genre of music I can find a group or artist that I enjoy. From Rap and Rock to Classical and Country, I'll be listening.

This year I have found a new group that I am enjoying. The CD cover caught my eye because it had four beautiful women on it, and had the title of Bond. I honestly thought it was going to be music selections from the James Bond series of movies.

When I popped it in the stereo it was immediately apparent that it was heavily focused on string instruments. Looking at the cover again I now saw the subtle violin in the background and realized what I had purchased.

Not only were these women gorgeous, but they are playing a style of music that seems to be in its own class. The only way I can describe it is upbeat classical with a dash of synthesizer thrown in for good measure.

This further intrigued me because one of my daughters is taking violin lessons, so I thought this would be an awesome way to show her a direction she could take her music. I had already shown her the “Lord of the Dance” DVD which has some great fiddling in it as well.

The Bond girls have taken their art to a new level. They are bridging the gap from the stuffy classical to the world of uplifting and quick tempo music, and doing it with a style and grace all their own.

You girls rock!

I love instrumental music of all kinds, and it's nice to see typically stodgy instruments being used in a different entertainment venue. And why not?

Today I found a DVD of their first concert at the “Royal Albert Hall”. It was fun to not only see them perform their music live, but to get to hear from the girls themselves between songs, and to watch them answer questions on the Special Features section of the DVD.

Here's an example of someone taking something that for centuries has been stagnant in its niche of concert halls, and bringing it into a whole other light. They are literally exposing classical string instruments to a generation that would probably never have embraced it in its historical format.

During their interviews they mentioned that people who have walked away from their string instruments have told them that they now have a renewed interest once again in playing thanks to Bond's fresh take on the string quartet.

Now if I can just find a group that shows the flute in the same light. My oldest daughter is playing the flute, and my youngest has not yet made it to the musical age. On the other hand, she will dance to just about any music, and at the drop of a hat. The funny part is, at 5 years old she is a really good dancer and all on her own initiative. Maybe that will be the direction she is going to go in. We'll see.

If you have not heard this wonderful group, run out and get a Bond CD now and let me know what you think of it. And if you have already heard them, I'd love to hear your thoughts on their music.

Now it's time to load my Bond CD's into my computer so I can stream them through my home stereo system. This time of year they will have to compete with SheDasiy's Holiday album and other Christmas music, but I think I can squeeze them in.

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