Friday, December 03, 2004

The Passion of Christianity

Cruising back through my articles I find that it has been a while since I have dug into the topic of religion. Yes, I know many of you are actually glad about that, but the time has come to once again make your brain think.

Now don't go running away from this site just knowing in your heart that it's words spawned from hell, trying to trick you into something evil.

Stay a while and actually read another side to The Passion of Christianity.

I truly do tend to pick on the Christians a lot, but it's not because I am out to get them or anything, it's merely because it is the predominant religion in the world, and the one most people are familiar with.

Oh now it's the whining that I'm not being politically correct since I did not mention your goat worshiping mountain religion, or the Holy Order of the Hedgehog. I simply can't cover every religion on the planet, so I must focus on a narrow sampling, and the Christians are just plain fun to pick on.

I've discussed this in the past, but I feel it's an important point for most of you to wrap your frontal lobes around.

Why do you worship how you do? I'll bet for about 99% of you it's because you were taught your beliefs by your parents. For the remaining folks, well there's no delicate way to put this, you're gullible. You apparently are suckered in by anyone who has a spiritual candy bar.

Let's focus on the sane people for now, and leave the people who change their beliefs based on the direction the wind is blowing for another time.

Many people have a firm foundation in their belief, because they have grown up with it, and quiet frankly, it's all they know how to believe in.

I spoke to a woman one day that said she really understood my thoughts on religion, but as a Catholic she could not bring herself to agree with me, because in doing so she would have to turn her back on all that she followed her entire life.

This was a very profound statement. Years ago it took a lot out of me emotionally to make a stand on not believing God existed. It was not something I did flippantly, nor was it an instant realization on my part. It took me years of studying and researching to arrive at my current position in my beliefs.

In fact, I think I enjoy discussing religion so much now because of all of the delving that it took me to break out of my Christian shell, and into a world of realization that all religions are indeed man-made.

I'm not asking you to believe this as a truism, I'm telling you that it's true. There is nothing you can show me, or anyway you can demonstrate to me, that any religion based on a supernatural deity, is real.

This is not a closed minded stance, but a well-researched one.

You see, many religious folks are classified as close-minded because it's their religion or they don't want to hear about it. In fact, many have stopped reading this because they know that I am lost and just spewing Satan's words, or some such nonsense like that. They refuse to read or hear anything that goes against their beliefs.

If instead they would branch out and read about other religions it would take a short amount of time to see that viewing the world through the vision of a single religion is ridiculous. There is so much more to learn out in the world, and too many people willing to kill each other to prevent their “flock” from learning it.

Man-made religions from all continents are one of the primary reasons we have war on this planet. The sooner we realize that there is no rational reason for going to war over fictitious belief systems the better.

I encourage you to read my other articles on the topic of “Religion” to get a better understanding of what I mean in all of this. better yet, stop by the “Forums” and get me involved in a discussion on whatever topic you choose.

I'll bet your reaction to this article, instead, will be to write me off as a crazy non-believer and you won't even bother in commenting on it, or engaging in a deeper discussion in the forums.

A gauntlet has been thrown down at your feet. I am questioning all that you believe in, and all that you hold dear. Will you sit there reading my grating words and not defend yourselves?

Time to go and do something useful, like take my daughters to watch “Monster's Inc. On Ice”.

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