Sunday, December 19, 2004

Who Watches The Watchers?

Remember the song, “I always feel like, somebody’s watching me”? Will you ever see a U.F.O. or Bigfoot? Not if you’re like a majority of the people on this planet.

If you’re like most of us, you have your daily routine. Perhaps you get up, take a shower, brush your teeth and do all the other necessary morning duties just before leaving home. You then travel to work, or to school, maybe talk to your friends on a cell phone, but how many of you look up, or look around you as life passes you by?

Ninja’s practice the art of invisibility. In today’s world, it’s not as difficult as you would think. How many times have you stood still in your house, for example, and someone did not even know you were there? I do this all of the time when my kids are playing, or picking on one another. I’ll head to where they are in the house and just observe them to either find a good time to referee a squabble, or just smile as I enjoy watching them pretend with their Barbie’s.

If the house is even more camouflaged, such as after dark, I can even stand in a corner and watch them get up and get a drink, or go about some other nightly task without knowing their Dad is still up.

No, I don’t stalk my own family, most of the time this is just being in the right place at the right time to practice some stealthy tactics.

My point is how many times have you walked through your home half-asleep and missing potential creatures lurking in the dark corners watching you? Aliens, ghosts, MIB’s or even shadowmen could be observing your every move and you probably would not even notice.

Once outside we’re watching street signs, the people in cars next two us, and embroiled in our own thoughts and not really watching the world that is just out of our attention span. A U.F.O. could be flying overhead and the majority of the folks down below would miss the event if it used only mild camouflage techniques such as cloud cover.

Even those adventurous sorts among you that go hiking and backpacking. The next time you’re out and about in the woods stop, stay silent, and look deep into the wilderness your tromping through. You will never see many animals because many people trudge around in the wilderness like robots pounding out their steps methodically and with one purpose, to put one foot in front of the other and get to their destination.

When animals hear you breathing like a freight train, and stomping the dirt trail like a narrow-sighted caveman, they tend to stay out of your way.

In scuba diving it’s the same thing. I always hear people say they never would scuba dive because they are scared of sharks. Did you know that sharks know you’re around for miles off? They can tell we’re there in all of our bubble-blowing glory way before we know they are around. It’s this one fact that requires people to go out on shark feeding expeditions just so they can actually see a shark under water.

My wife likes to snorkel, but I told her I’d rather be under the water where I can see things, then bobbing around on the surface like fish food. I’m certain this put her mind at ease, but it’s true! When I go diving I can’t wait to get off the surface and actually get down where I feel more a part of things, rather then helplessly flailing around in the waves.

On the other hand, making a lot of noise while you’re hiking tends to keep the nasties away. After all, most animals want nothing to do with people. In fact, most attacks by bears, cougars, sharks, or whatever are caused by either humans surprising them accidentally, or the predator mistaking them for another critter such as a seal in the case of shark attacks.

So what’s the point of all of this?

If Bigfoot was indeed out there, you can bet your life that he’s not trying to go to the silly noisy humans marching along the dirt trails. He’ll be deep away from where most humans roam, living life in blissful solitude. Even if he accidentally comes near one of the dirt trails, how difficult would it be for them to stop, and stand still momentarily? Once the nature-loving human passes by, they can go about their business.

It has been said that if you go out into nature where there are no city lights to cloud your view, and stare up into the clear starry sky, you will be guaranteed to see several U.F.O.’s. I’m not suggesting these would all be little green men flying here from another planet, but you will truly see things that to you are unidentifiable. The fact is that some of them will be things like shooting stars and satellites, but you get the idea.

On a daily basis, if you don’t notice these objects in the night sky, it would be easy for U.F.O.’s, whether alien powered or of our own governments design, to fly around virtually unnoticed. There is always the whole radar thing, but what if these ships could somehow avoid our typical detection devices?

The next time you’re in the woods, stop and look for the elusive critters that are most certainly all watching you. When you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere on a drive, stop the car (in a safe location), turn off your lights, and watch the night sky, you’ll be amazed at what you see. If you get up to get a drink in the middle of the night, you just might want to turn on a light or two as you stumble through the house…just in case.

Sweet dreams.

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