Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Open Letter To Kim


Don't be in too big a hurry to grow up. I know it's tough, but I'm serious when I say, enjoy it while you can, your childhood is almost gone, and you will miss it regardless of what you think at the moment.

Ah, piercings. I may be an old fart like your folks, so you may just ignore what I think as well. I think the standard one per ear looks nice. More then that starts to look worse as the numbers increase. I fail to see the reasons behind multiple piercings, but then again, I'm ancient.

Don't get me started with the rest of the body. Smile

As a comparrison many of the people in high school that had multiple piercings, guys with long hair, etc... quickly switched into mature mode when they had to get into college, get jobs, and yes, even get dates.

Although expressing yourself when you're younger seems like a good idea at the time, the unfortunate side effect is that the only people who agree are at your same peer level. Everyone else you have to interface with, boss, parents, teachers, etc... look at you much differently, and not in a positive way.

I realize that sucks, and does not seem right, but it's a truism none-the-less.

You are an extremely intelligent person, and because of that you will feel older in some ways. Intelligence is a great thing, but wisdom only comes from longevity. The young think they are wise until they grow up and begin to realize how nieve they were.

Instead of seeking to rebel against the elders of the clan, might I suggest you step back and truly listen to their advice from a studied viewpoint. Resist the urge to want to do everything your way or else.

For some reason I keep using the line from the Spiderman comics and movies, but in its simplicty is a profound lesson.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

The reason there are age limits imposed on the young is to save them from themselves. As we grow up our minds play tricks on us. We think we're ready to conqure the world when we're 6 years old. These feelings increase as we get even older.

It's perfectly normal to think you are an adult at 16, but look back and you will hopefully understand this reasoning. Heck, look at Freshmen in your school, and see if you think they're as ready for things as you thought you were at their age.

Oh yes, but they are all immature compared to you. News flash, they are all thinking the same thing about the younger kids behind them as well.

Your feelings are not something unique to just you. Most kids feel this way, and it's been that way since probably the human race has existed.

When you cross the threshhold of an age, for example 18, nobody looks at you as an instant adult. In fact, many 18 year olds figure this out quickly. The age of 18 is when the world begins to let you learn what making decisions on your own is all about. You're going to mess up a lot for the rest of your adult life, because you can now make those decisions.

Let's look back once again to the younger crowd. How do you think the world would be if the drinking age was lowered to 16, or removed altogether? Pretty much chaos. Driving would become a lot more dangerous, and many more kids would be dead from overextending themselves at parties, etc...

This is why we make people wait until they are 21 before they can drink. Regardless of how old you feel at 18, you still have some growing up to do.

It's the very act of kids wanting to get drunk and party that throws up the warning flags. Many of those same partying adults will grow up and realize how stupid an immature they were. They stop drinking, and start acting like a responsible member of society. This is why there are age limits.

Do you want to drink, smoke, take drungs? Why? What will it provide you that you do not already have? I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs, and never have, because I too used my intelligence and reasoned out that these things would provide me with nothing positive, and only potential negatives in my life, so why start?

I'm an adult, so chances are you tuned me out several paragraphs ago. If not, I'll leave you with this last thought.

If your goal is to have a good life, listen to the advice of those who have gone before you. Many mistakes can be bypassed by using your intelligence and heeding the wisdom of your elders. This is true in business, history, war and even life.

By-the-way, I still enjoy a good fart joke!

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