Monday, December 20, 2004

Cyber Sleuths Nab A Sicko

What a sick world we live in. Perhaps we do not live in a sick world, it’s just that some humans, if you can call them that, are really messed up individuals.

I could not believe the story when I heard that someone had killed a pregnant woman, then cut an unborn baby from her and kidnapped it. Doesn’t this sound more like a bizarre horror flick then reality?

Unfortunately for Bobbie Jo Stinnett, reality was worse then the movies on the day she was to meet someone that wanted to purchase a rat terrier puppy from her. Apparently this was just a ploy to get close to the mother-to-be so that she could be strangled, and her month premature baby could be cut from her womb.

When I read about stories like this I can’t even imagine someone is freaky enough to kidnap somebody else’s kid, much less do something this gruesome. How twisted is this person to plan something this awful. I mean, some killings you can understand when two people have a brawl and it gets out-of-hand, or drinking is involved, or any number of probable scenarios.

Strangling a woman is bad enough by doing the killing in such a personal manner. Strangling a pregnant woman is even sadder knowing that a mother and a baby are now dead. Killing a pregnant woman, then staying to cut the unborn baby from her has got to be downright diabolical!

Although there are not enough adjectives in our language to fully encompass how wrong this murder is, I find it great that the FBI zeroed in on the killer quickly by doing a little cyber investigative work.

Luckily Bobbie Jo’s computer held the key to her killer’s identity. By taking her computer and analyzing her use of it, the FBI was able to track down the IP address (it’s like a house address, though for computers) of the woman that took her life.

The only good news in this story is that not only is another wacko off the street, but the baby was found and is in great condition. What a terrible way to enter this world.

This is a great case for the use of capital punishment. In normal cases I think the use of capital punishment should be carefully weighed, but in this case I say a speedy launch to the electric chair is warranted. I have absolutely no compassion when it comes to a case like this. There is no excuse in the universe that can explain the actions of the woman who killed Bobbie Jo Stinnett by strangling her to death.

In fact, let’s bypass this mamby-pamby lethal injection or electric chair route. It’s time to throw her into a pen of other male lifers and let them rape her, beat her and when she has been tortured beyond belief, strangle her to death slowly.

Sound harsh? It is. Since I don’t believe in hell, it’s time to make her life a living hell just before she dies.

This woman destroyed multiple families, as well as robbing a little baby of having a mother. She did this in the most heinous way imaginable, and she did it in a cold and calculating manner.

Some of you may go for forgiveness, or other such nonsense, but even though I personally can forgive a great many folks for a great deal of hurt, this is one time where the gloves should come off of our legal system. Once proven guilty, there should be no mercy for this woman.

Maybe this story caught me on a bad day, but I don’t think mental instability should be a case for something such as this. If this chick try’s to plead mental, and she’s so messed up she can do something like this, it’s time to get her out of the gene-pool so she does not spawn any more sick mutations like herself. Perhaps nature has made her barren so that she could not breed, and she did this to actually have a child of her own.

We’re not talking about a mentally retarded person who accidentally squashed a mouse in their hand by holding it to tight, we’re talking about a person with enough thought to arrange a meeting using the Internet, strangle woman to death, and remove her unborn baby!

I’m almost certain other evil people walk our streets with all sorts of nasty and wicked thoughts, but when they expose themselves by acting them out in this way, the time has come to remove them from this planet once and for all.

This killer gets two thumbs down from me; Let’s toss her to the lions!

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