Monday, November 01, 2004

Lesser of Two Evils

You know what really bothers me at the moment? We are going into this election with so many people actually planning to vote for John Kerry.

I can only assume that the Democrats have done a great job getting a lot of ignorant people to sell out their vote for Kerry. Not literally sell it, but scare them and lie to them in such a way that those most uninformed in our country actually believe John Kerry will help them in some way.

Looking at John Kerry’s senate record, his military record, his actions after the military, and just basically his wishy-washy leadership style, I’m at a loss as to why anyone wants to vote for him.

The only thing I can come up with based on what I hear in the news is that he is not George Bush, and that’s why people want John Kerry in office.

Okay I’ll say it. You’re all a bunch of idiots!

I’m not a big fan of politics or politicians, and sure there are a lot of things about George Bush and his policies and actions I disagree with, but if I hold John Kerry up next to him to lead this country, and out military, I don’t see any contest at all.

Is not voting for George Bush that important that you will purposely vote into office someone who can literally destroy this country and its reputation by his non-existent or weak plans?

Before you vote for John Kerry you really need to do some soul-searching. This is not the time to simply vote Democrat because you’re a Democrat. There are many Democrats who are voting for George Bush because they understand the importance of this election. They realize that this election is not just about politics; it’s about the future of this country and all of our lives.

If you are voting for John Kerry because he’s not George Bush, or just because he’s a Democrat, I urge you to think long and hard on your decision. Do some reading, look into the issues, heck listen to a talk show or two tomorrow.

This has got to be the most important election of our time. Act like it!

Many countries that hate us want John Kerry to win this election. Terrorists want John Kerry to win this election. Bill Clinton wants John Kerry to win this election.

Ask yourself why you think our enemies want John Kerry to become president instead of allowing George Bush to continue to lead this country. It’s because George Bush is fighting for this country, and he’s taking the needed risks to keep us safe.

Osama Bin Laden has only been able to launch an attack on us with videotape, and words. Why do you think that is?

It’s because George Bush, this administration, and our military are succeeding in defending this country!

When you’re winning, it’s not the time to change the quarterback!

If you are planning on voting for John Kerry you’d better be pretty darn sure of your reason. Many lives could depend on your vote.

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