Monday, March 14, 2005

Conservative Robots

Boston Legal did it again this week; they brought up a subject that was controversial and interesting.

It seems the principle of a high school allows the kids to watch the news. This would be a great thing for kids to be able to watch the news and discuss the items that are in the news with their teachers. The problem was, that they could watch any news program but FOX news. He installed a little filter device to block the FOX news.

In court, the principle decided that the FOX news incited animosity among people the way they are pro-government. He claimed that it was his duty as a principle to keep such content from the students because it caused problems with kids of other nationalities.

This case was argued poorly by the principles side because how the heck can you win a case that has you essentially blocking one political view while allowing the other view free reign? The show attempted to make the conservative side out to be mindless robots following some United States government agenda. They all but called conservatives government puppets, as if conservative people could not think for themselves.

The side for the First Amendment correctly pointed out that these days the news shows are merely a commodity doing whatever they can to gain a following. During major news events all of the channels do an adequate job covering their own spin on the stories, but during a news lull they are all trying to do stories to attract an audience, news comes second.

The portrayal of conservatives as simpletons that are somehow brainwashed by the powerful United States government is ridiculous. I listen to all sides of a story and the conservative side, in most cases, hits the nail on the head. I’m not a member of the Republic Party, and will vote for a Democrat, Libertarian, or anyone who I think has the right answers for the right time. Let’s face it; John Kerry was not that man. The Democrats just hitched their wagon to the wrong horse and many know this, but can’t openly go against their party.

A student on the show seemed like he was some young Hitler youth, and in the end he told the lawyer, “Your government thanks you.” as if he were representing the United States government, or was some junior government operative. It was an extremely silly and almost science fiction feeling remark. There is no way in heck that that represents who conservatives are, but apparently the liberals think that’s how they act.

Liberals remind me of over-zealous religious folks. Everyone of them, to a person, I have spoke with and tried to discuss the issues with during the last election had no solid reason to want John Kerry other then he is not George Bush. This is why the Democratic Party scares me.

The people on the left are extreme in their stupidity. They regurgitate the falsehoods that the Democratic Party puts out without even bothering to research the facts for themselves. Anything that is mentioned as a negative to the conservative agenda must be true, and therefore rallied around like a school of sharks circling a bleeding fish.

I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democratic, or Libertarian. In the end, you need to make up your own mind and not blindly follow anyone, or any agenda. Notice I included Republicans in this as well. The day will come when a conservative nut-ball will attempt to gain the presidency, and on that day I will stand against them with hopefully all of you by my side. I just hope another political party can field a decent person as an alternative.

Hopefully we won’t see a day when dumb and dumber are our only choices. Perhaps that will be the election that the Libertarians make their run to gain notoriety as a third choice. The problem with voting Libertarian is that you tend to take the votes away from someone else in an effort to make a stand. This last election was way to serious to compromise George Bush’s chances by voting Libertarian, so my vote went to the Republicans this year.

Enough of this babbling for now, I believe I made my point.

Do not be afraid to be an American. Salute the flag, say the pledge, and sing the National Anthem loud and clear. Do not follow blindly, nor turn your back on this great country because you think the government is some silly conspiracy. If you think there are some wrong things being done in the country, learn the system and fight for what you think is right.

Trying to be subversive is not the answer, and will only lead to failure and you living in a cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere with teargas flying through your windows. Then how much good will you be to any of us?

Support the country, support the system, and fight for your freedoms. Join in the country as an informed citizen, not a rebel without a clue!

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  1. I agree with most of your sentiments.

    As for the Libertarian Party, I like a lot of Libertarian ideas, and think we need to move more in that direction, but I don't think that the Libertarian Party is organized enough to govern effectively.

    I also don't think we will ever see more than 2 major parties in the U.S. at one time, the system is designed that way. I used to think that was a problem, but I don't think so anymore. Libertarians would be far more effective getting involved with Democrats or Republicans and trying to move a major party more toward libertarian philosophy than trying to organize on their own.