Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Your Choice

What’s the motivation that drives someone to want to blow themselves up in the name of their respective cause? I can’t imagine what goes through anyone’s mind that wishes to end their own life, much less the lives of hundreds of others.

The current theory is that these people are so devoted to the twisted religious views that somehow by killing themselves in the act of inflicting death on their enemy they somehow will find favor with their God.

There was a time when another culture believed in killing themselves for their cause. The Japanese attempted this tactic in World War II and look where it got them.

It can be an honorable thing to die defending your beliefs and your country, but to commit suicide in the act is a whole other matter.

When you examine this strategy from a distance, begin to wonder why men will go out and kill themselves for a leader who is not willing to do the same. How can you follow a man who says, “Go and kill yourself for our cause”, when they themselves will not do likewise?

It all boils down to one of my main philosophies. Do not follow any leaders blindly. And I should add that especially if those leaders have your death in the instructions.

People are too much like a herding animal, always trying to follow a strong leader of a herd of like-minded people. It’s either for fame, fortune, or the worst of all, some misguided religious belief that has the ultimate goal of killing yourself when the leader says.

What sort of crap is that? There is a saying that goes something like, “Who is more of a fool, the fool, or the fool who follows them”?

I have written numerous articles about this very thing. Any leader, from religious to political, can be suspect. Even though there are times when you must follow a leader, you must still follow that person with a clear conscience. Whether a military leader, or the CEO of a company, the demands of that leader should fit within your guidelines.

At the urging of their commander, a soldier should not gun down innocent women and children for example. If they proceed with this type of heinous behavior, they are just as liable as the commander who ordered the shooting.

Murder is murder, regardless of how you justify the deed. Where it gets dicey is during war. When is murder ever okay?

Human beings, it seems, must wage war on each other to defend their beliefs, no matter how crooked those beliefs may be. There is nothing good about war, but unfortunately it is a necessary evil of our current times. This goes back to our most basic animal instinct we are evoking, and that is survival of the fittest.

It’s kill or be killed when it comes to the combat zone, and sometimes even within our own cities.

Unfortunately there are people among us who think that being a serial killer is okay, that being a member of a gang who kills their rivals is okay, or someone who murders an abortion doctor to prevent the murder of unborn babies is okay. This is all ridiculous behavior that must stop, and the only people who can stop it are the ones involved.

The police are pretty much ineffective in this war on the sicko’s. They can only come in after the fact and pick up the pieces and occasionally arrest the right criminal and lock them up for a few years.

This is one of those topics where I don’t even know where to begin to make a suggestion on how to fix this problem. Many gangs are run by people that have no future or skills other then being the baddest bully on the block and killing anyone who gets in their way.

I would appeal to anyone finding themselves in similar situations to think and act how you know you should, rather then how the gang thinks you should. Nobody can take who you are away from you, but make certain that who you are is truly who you want to be.

Are you in a gang and think you have no future? Do you think you can never get out of your current predicament? Why not join the armed forces? You think you’re a bad-ass? Prove it and become a marine and go kick butt to defend this country to protect your family. You can be a tough guy, and make your family proud of you at the same time.

Why not become a fireman? Think you have what it takes to go into a burning building to rescue someone, or to parachute into woods that are burning all around you to cut a fire break and save homes and lives?

Come on macho man, pony up! Only a wuss would drive down the street and gun down someone walking along a sidewalk. A real man would better use his love for combat where it can do the most good for his family.

As usual I’m rambling with no real purpose. I guess the moral of this article is to be careful where you place your faith. You are nobody’s patsy or follower. Be your own self and do what you feel deep down inside is the right thing to do. Should you follow some sorry, loser, bastard who wants you to strap a bomb to yourself and murder your fellow man, or make up your own mind and make a difference by standing up to the very idiots that suggest you kill yourself in the name of their cause because they are to chicken to do it themselves?

It’s your life. Choose your path, and don’t follow an ass.

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