Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Doctor Is Out

I like listening to talk radio. My wife thinks this makes me out to be an old man, but personally I find it very informative and helps keep me up on current events and what’s on the minds of the people.

Sure the talk show hosts put their slant on the news of the day, but they also speak to their callers and bring up some valid arguments, whether for or against any topic. Sometimes I agree with them, and sometimes I don’t. Either way I get to hear a side of a discussion that I may not have considered before.

In my local area I have normally listened to Michael Savage. Not because I like to, but because he comes on the main talk channel I listen to and I’m too lazy to change the channel to find something different since many of the other talk stations fall into sports around the same time as Michael is on and I am getting home from work.

Recently I have purchased an XM Satellite Radio and have been listening to the “America Right” channel. Out of curiosity I have tuned into the “America Left” channel many times and can’t believe they are still whining about the Bush/Gore election.

My morning drive is now better since many of the local talk stations have too much crap on in the mornings. Seems every time they find new talent something happens and it turns back into crap. This is why I finally took the leap into giving Satellite a try.

Even though my mornings improved, this did not change my afternoon drive much since Michael Savage was on the exact same time slot on XM that he was locally.

On the “America Right” channel over the past couple of days they have announced that Michael Savage will no longer be on during that time slot at the request of Michael Savage. I’m not sure why he asked to be removed, but I’m rejoicing!

Listening to Michael Savage is like a car wreck. I hate listening to him but he’s so obnoxious he can still be entertaining.

Why does Michael Savage annoy me so much? Mainly it’s his arrogance not only to those people who call his show, but seemingly to the entire world.

Some talk show hosts are a bit stuck on themselves too, but at least they interact with their audience in a mostly respectful manner. Not Savage, he abuses everyone equally in his typical nasty fashion all the while pontificating at how superior he is over everyone else.

He is under the impression that screaming at his callers, name-calling, and the fact that he is educated makes him a great host. He makes claims that he single-handedly gets people elected, or any number of successful ventures and gets downright annoyed if he is not given the recognition he feels he so richly deserves.

I wouldn’t dream of calling his show because he would just resort to screaming, interrupting, and then hanging up on me. His brand of discussion focuses on him alone and damn any other opinion that does not follow his own twisted logic.

I’m happy to report that Michael Reagan has replaced the Savage on my afternoon drive. I used to listen to Michael Reagan when I lived in Utah, and I’m glad to have him back with me on at least some of my car time.

At least Michael Reagan listens to his callers and seems to have a level head on his shoulders instead of some schoolyard vendetta against everyone because they picked on him in school that Savage seems to be harboring.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you have a doctorate or a GED, when you’re an ass, a degree is just a piece of paper.

I say good riddance to Mr. Savage, and I hope this means that I will never have to listen to his whining complaints and terrible attitude again on my radio.

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