Friday, August 05, 2005

Flying Spaghetti Monster and a Galactic Chicken

My religious views are no secret here in the Handbasket, and when I read this article from fellow blogger Tsykoduk I was reminded how precarious life can be when it comes to knowledge and the influence our schools can have over our children.

During a similar discussion on scientific theories, I raised my own theory about the Galactic Chicken.

Brian, I loved your article comparing the various theories in relation to the computer programmed universe and our own. I was intrigued and nodding in complete agreement with the well thought out commentary until you through this in.

“I believe God made the Universe and set it in motion.”

What? Earlier in the article you said, “Furthermore, NO scientific theory can currently tell us how life came to be from non-life.” So what do you base your belief system on?

I think a scientist who believes in a supreme being is not a very objective scientist. (ducking the beaker tossed in my general direction)

I just don't understand any intellectual argument where a invisible deity is involved. What if I told you that I believe the Universe was spawned by a galactic chicken that, in a fit of extreme diarrhea, secreted the cosmos into being. This chicken now demanded gifts of grain annually after a good harvest to insure that next years harvest was bountiful as well. If next years harvest turns out to be bad, then we must have done something to displease the galactic chicken during the past year, and we must now spend 12 days wearing an outfit made from chicken feathers and come together in a pasture to worship him by flapping our arms up and down, scratching in the ground, and clucking?

Stupid you say? It has just as much bases in reality as does any theory involving a supreme invisible deity that is man made.

You're a scientist, prove me wrong.

The problem with teaching religious systems that are faith-based in schools is that there are thousands of them in the world. Should we teach them all or just the one you think is the correct version?

What would you do if your child came home and said they were teaching the ways of Wicca in science, and your little knowledge sucker showed you candles and crystals of various types wanting to demonstrate the spells they learned about in school that day?

If you're belief is any branch of Christianity you'd freak!

This is exactly what Christians are attempting to do by forcing schools to teach their religious beliefs in public schools. Does this make it any more right for them to do this then it would be for the Wiccans? No! So knock it off already.

I heard several years ago that some religions were actively trying to get people on school boards for the sole purpose of gaining the majority so they could push their agenda's. I don't care what your agenda is, this is wrong.

A school board needs to focus on other aspects of the learning process other then subversively attempting to mold rugrats into their own image. If this is something you think is acceptable to do I'd love for you to jump in our forums here and start a topic on this subject.

If you want your religion taught in school then I'm certain there is a private school you can send your children to, but keep your view out of the public school system.

If you're upset about my observations I have one thing to say, get over it!

Religion can be taught at home, in church (if your religion has a church), or wherever. There are many places for you to worship. This is the appropriate venue. If for some reason you are so insecure that you need to force the rest of us into your belief system then you need to seek therapy, not a position on a school board.

May the Flying Spaghetti Monster touch you with His noodly appendage, and the Galactic Chicken bless you with a bountiful harvest.

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