Monday, August 29, 2005

Many A Winding Road

The path of life is narrow and always winding. There are so many different directions we can take, so many other paths to discover, but how do we know if we have chosen the correct one? Even though all around us we can see a large variety of places to go and things to see, our own individual path that we are traveling on remains, by its very nature, narrow.

We could turn in a new direction, perhaps following another path that looks more pleasing then one we left, but once heading down that road, we discover the path to be just as narrow in the new direction as the one we were previously heading.

Life is just a series of narrow paths, interconnecting at various crossroads so we have the opportunity to modify our own destiny. It would seem that we are forever locked into experiencing the world from the position on our chosen path. We can experience the things that are located on our path, but only watch others as they follow their chosen routes through life.

We envy professional athletes as they go for the gold, or win competition after competition in their chosen events. This is the path they have followed, but what others roads have they given up to follow their dream?

What of the medical professional who has dedicated their life to the healing of others. Many times this path has been so narrow that even a family cannot compete with the small space provided for the care of others.

Some people have jumped from path to path searching for the ultimate journey that will allow them to have everything they want. Eventually they discover that as they make the leap to the next path they have left a little of themselves behind. After each change in course their strength seems to diminish over time until they find themselves too tired to change directions and must then spend their remaining days always wondering what could have been.

What is the correct path for us?

Avoid path jumping, and stay focused on your destination. Search deep within yourself and choose the path that heads in the direction your feelings tell you to go. Your destination is where you see yourself in the future. It might be with a family, the head of your profession, or perhaps an astronaut heading to Mars.

Keep your destination firmly in your mind as you follow the path ahead. Once you know where you wish to go you will realize what direction you must take when you come to a crossroad. Resist the temptation to choose an easier path, or one that might take you someplace frivolous.

Destiny is not some mystical place that has been decided for you by whatever your belief structure may be. Destiny is the end of the journey you have chose for yourself, and where the path you are now traveling on will lead.

Do not choose a path that leads to your destruction, or one that is filled with questionable people or actions. Surround yourself with positive influences and people. Steer clear of people who are obviously on a path that will only lead them to grief and despair. Sometimes this means that you must cut the baggage loose or they will drag you down with them.

Individuals that are focused on the negatives in life can only cause you to struggle with your own ending. Break free from their dark force and once again strike out to find your destination. Place one foot in front of the other until you are moving at full speed away from the distraction. The way to help these lost souls is not to become mired in their misery, but to lead them by striking out away from them to a brighter path.

By traveling along a strong and positive path, and reaching out to the destination you have chosen, the negative people will be able to focus in on your positive energy, and use it as a lighthouse might guide a ship from destruction on a rocky reef. If they fail to follow your lead, then they are truly lost, or perhaps they may find another passing flow of energy to follow.

You cannot save people who do not wish to be saved, and you should not waste precious energy trying to do so.

This is not to say that you must be selfish, and snub those who are down and out. If you see another traveler along the side of your path in need, you can assist them without deviating from your end goal. Do not jump from your path onto another path in an attempt to reroute a person. This will only lead to you becoming ensnared onto a path that serves no purpose for you, and if you are not strong enough, there you will remain and eventually wondering where you went wrong.

See your destination, then strike out on the path of least resistance to your goal. Avoid anything that will cause you to change paths away from your destiny. Be a strong leader so that others may follow your example. Do not blindly follow others because it is inevitable that their path does not go to your destination. Never switch paths to help another. Help those who you may find along your path, but only for a short time so you do not become confused and loose your focus.

You control your own destiny, but can easily be lead astray. Life is too short to weave on and off your chosen path. Can you picture your destination? Don’t just remain here gawking, strike out toward your goal, and never look back.

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