Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Al Gore Unhinged

Did you hear Al Gore and his ranting about how everyone in the administration needs to resign or be fired?

It’s not that I don’t expect this sort of stupidity coming from some of the current crop of limelight democrats, but I can’t imagine where we would be if Al was elected president. His emotional rhetoric does nothing to strengthen the democratic position for the presidential position. In fact, I see it as a very immature act of a desperate political party.

Like so many organizations in this country, poor judgment is expected. Many organizations thrive on it!

I’m not really worried about near-sighted, propaganda-spouting, fame-seeking, ideologists without a clue in their pea brain about what they are talking.

What I am worried about is the large groups that are actually cheering when people like this stand up and berate our president and current administration.

True, we do live in a free country, but there is a right way and a wrong way to get your point across.

By the way, just what the heck was his point? To stand up in front of a crowd and call people names and attempt to insight some sort of riot?

What really pisses me off about these clowns are that they are not offering different political opinions or ideas with which we can look at, analyze, and choose from in November. All it has turned out to be is something reminiscent of playground bullies trying to do something like, “Oh yea, and so’s your mother!”

I have heard claims that the war on terror is bad for this country, but what would they have us do? How would they have responded to the tragedy that was 9-1-1? All I have heard from the democratic side of things is they would talk to the U.N. some more.

Time for a reality check! I have news for you democrats, if you really believe that then you are even dumber then I thought, and that is one huge reason you will never be voted into office. If you don’t believe the current policy will work then come up with a better one for us to consider.

So far, I have not seen a better idea from your side of the fence.

Here’s a novel approach for not only democrats, but for the news media as well. Let’s get behind this country, and support this effort. Quit showing all of the negatives about what is going on and show some of the truly great, and historical events that are taking place.

We have liberated 25 million people! We have given hope to them and their children that they will not have to be raped, and murdered at the whim of a ruthless dictator. For the first time in their generation they do not have to live in fear. And when we are finished with our mission over there, they will have a government run by the people of Iraq, not by the person with the biggest weapons and the most brutality.

Our soldiers are truly doing a fantastic job, and dying for the effort. Let’s start acting like we’re proud of them instead of politicizing this war on terror and degrading it into some petty arguments that are unfounded, untrue, and frankly downright treasonous!

Shame on everyone who glorifies the small problems, and sweeps under the carpet the monumental achievements of our men and women that are in harms way so that we all have the freedom to speak our minds!

We should be pounding our chests and yelling, “Hell yes we’re America, and we’re here to make sure you all stop killing each other you ignorant, uncivilized idiots!”

What we should not be doing is apologizing for kicking the crap out of a nasty terrorist harboring country that made the mistake of messing with the United States for the last time.

Don’t even give me any of your garbage about no link to 9-1-1 and Iraq, or weapons of mass destruction. I don’t really care! Iraq has been a cesspool of terror for their region and this country, heck for the world, for a long time.

I’m proud to be an American, and I’m proud to have President George Bush as our leader! He has undergone more in his term as president then any president should have to deal with. He has faced everything that has been thrown at him with dignity, honor, commitment, determination and true leadership.

What he has not done is stand before groups of people screaming treasonous whiny-butt statements, and floundering all over the place trying to come up with something to say.

The presidents speech a few nights ago was direct and to the point. We went in to clean up Iraq, and to liberate a country that was a horror and nightmare for humanity. Now that we have done this, we are helping Iraq to govern itself, and doing everything in our power to see that it works before we leave them.

The United States of America is a country with great power. And, do you see this coming? With great power comes great responsibility. We cannot look the other way from terrorists any longer. For our children’s sake this threat must be dealt with while the opportunity is at hand.

Will terrorists attack us again in our country? You can bet on it. They’re goal in life is to kill every one of us. Can they achieve their goal? No, and it’s just downright insane to even try.

Most criminals always have impossible or irrational goals. Make no mistake; these are criminals that need to be controlled. Killers will kill and terrorists will kill. When they perform they’re crime, they will be caught and punished just like any criminal. The only difference is now, thanks to our president, these criminals no longer have as many safe places to scurry off to, nor as much money to fund their nefarious ways.

If you’re proud to be an American, how can you vote any other way then for our president in the upcoming election?

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